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Advantages of UV Roll to Roll Printing Machine

Technology is changing at a fast pace and making our lives easier by the day. Similarly, printing has also evolved with time and advancing knowhow about the finer details. One of the latest additions to printing technology is UV roll to roll printing machine. Like all new technologies, UV roll to roll printer/ UV Printer presents various advantages over conventional methods of printing. 

Among the various technologies available, EFI UV roll to roll printing machine is the most advanced, economical and cost effective. Here are some more advantages you should know: 

Better Output

The printing effect of UV roll to roll printing machine is more vibrant and crisper. It has sharp text and photorealistic images.

Quick Drying

Products printed using an EFI UV roll to roll printer dry very fast. In fact, there is no need for heating treatment as the product dries almost immediately. This makes EVI UV LED roll to roll printers ideal for jobs which need to be done in a short amount of time.

High Adhesion

The adhesion of the EFI UV roll to roll printer is very high and long lasting. Hence, over-laminating is not required for most jobs. All these features make the EFI roll to roll printer an ideal solution for printing billboards, building wraps, POP, exhibition graphics, fleet graphics, window graphics etc.

More Flexibility

EFI UV roll to roll printers allow for a higher flexibility as they can be used on a wide range of material. The printer used cold cure technology and is Greenguard Certified Inks which makes it suitable for use on materials which are thinner and more sensitive to heat.

Time and Cost-Effective

With its fast turnaround time, EFI UV roll to roll printers are labour- and cost-effective. Its simple mechanism also requires less labour to undertake a printing job. This results in higher productivity and higher profits for the business.

How Does UV Roll to Roll Printing Machine Last Long & Is It Environment Friendly?

LED is known to have a long life. Hence, UV LED roll to roll printing Machine last a long time. Moreover, it also consumes lesser electricity and does not contain mercury and ozone gas making it friendly for the environment. In addition, a LED system contains fewer parts that might require replacement.  The cool cure LED technology empowers you with the ability to do more for less. It increases your profit opportunity by offering more premium-margin jobs while reducing operating costs and environmental footprint.

3M MCS Technology

The use of genuine EFI inks make CMYK and white inks eligible for 3M™ MCS™ Warranty for proven, guaranteed quality and outdoor durability on fleet and vehicle graphics and other applications.

Five-layer Printing

Five-layer printing adds value to the EFI roll to roll as the print has a block-out layer in the middle, so that you can print two right reading images on clear media. The images used on the top and bottom layer can be the same or different. Shaped images can be used as long as they’re symmetrical.

EFI UItraDropTM Technology

The printer provides ultra-quality, ultra-crispness and ultra-capabilities, and the results are ultra-impressive. In India, EFI UV roll to roll printing machine is picking up at great speed. It is becoming the go-to option for organizations across sectors which have big and small printing needs. Importantly, EFI UV roll to roll printer suppliers in India are helping agencies and printing organizations meet the high demand of EFI UV roll to roll printers. 

The EFI Pro 32r+ is currently the premium EFI roll to roll printer in the market. Along with providing high-quality output, it has some additional features, such as IPhone application, Y-Slitters, automatic blackout, backlight, white / clear ink option which makes it a great choice for all and one. 

If you have a printing need, make an informed choice and use UV roll to roll printing. It is economic, ecological, and produces great output. At Arrow Digital, we provide high-quality printing services. We are the sector-leading experts and use EFI UV roll to roll printers to give our clients the best possible products. 

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