Enhance Your Business with In-House Digital Label Printer – ArrowJet Mini

We all understand that labels play a very important role for businesses since almost everything is mentioned about your product. Efficient levels attract your target audience and hence can print out more sales from your business. To achieve short-run printing, customized labels, high-quality graphics, and text along with vibrant colors digital printing has become the most cost-effective and efficacious method. 

Today, digital label printing has emerged as the need of the hour and if you have been thinking of incorporating an in-house digital label printing for your business then it would be the best choice. The world-class in-house physical label printer which you can think of buying without any hesitation is ArrowJet Mini.

We will understand in this blog how you can enhance your business with this inestimable in-house digital label printer. 

ArrowJet Mini- Your True Companion

ArrowJet Mini is a simple, easy-to-use, and versatile machine that generates high resolution labels for every need of your business. The printer offers high-quality, quick, and scalable solutions that nearly eliminate inventory costs while offering high profitability to your business. 

The digital label printer offers improvised performance as well as possibilities with its flawless printing path and on-press user interface. The private label manufacturers print providers and even brand owners and easily produce an appropriate on-duty of high quality and high-resolution process colored labels as well as tags for whatever jobs they want. 

Matchless Production

ArrowJet Mini is the leading digital label printer that has easy setup and can be monitored during the production process. However, the monitoring can be performed with a 7-inch touch screen display that has variant printer functions including job status, ink levels, printer status, and more. Moreover, the digital label printer and easily set application formats on-screen to include stand fold, roll to cut, roll to roll functions that are widely used for quick setup and switching between the jobs. Not list but it is easy to replace 250 ml ink cartridges with this brilliant digital label printer. 

Awesome Benefits

ArrowJet Mini delivers maximum print speed up to 60 feet per minute along with UW and RW options. It has detailed job costing software and has digital content software that has a number of attractive features. 

A most important benefit of this digital label printer is that you can easily merge different layouts as well as design different images, text, database information, and barcodes. This feature handles every need for personalization, tracking, micro-segmentation, and security packaging. 

Striking Features You Shouldn’t Miss-

  • The best print quality of 1600×1600 dpi
  • Print speeds of 60 ft/min at normal mode and 30 ft/min premium mode
  • CMYK color 
  • 8.5-inch max print width 
  • Five 250 ml ink cartridges
  • RIP and color management
  • 7-inch touch screen display
  • On the fly color management
  • Sport color replacement and PDF, Post Script workflow

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