AXYZ  – A Benchmark for CNC Routers

AXYZ – A Benchmark for CNC Routers

Looking for best-class CNC routers? Well, then your search right here. 

AXYZ is the leading and most prominent global manufacturer of CNC routers and possesses more than 25 years of experience in the industry. The company has installed and built thousands of CNC machines for different industries including graphics and print finishing cabinetry, woodworking, plastic fabrication, sign making, aluminum and metal cladding, packaging, solid surface, Steel glass, and metal fabrication. 

AXYZ CNC Routers-  A Prominent Choice

AXYZ has sturdy technical support that completely focuses on technical depth and has a keen eye on customer requirements. Talking about its recent achievement, AXYZ CNC machines were widely used to manufacture a number of essential products during the covid-19 pandemic. These essential products include mask filters, face shields, hospital beds, Covid barriers, and much more.

AXYZ CNC routers offer a wide range of optional features that include the Infinite series which is one of the most customizable CNC routers. The Infinite series offers virtually any width and length virtually and has an unlimited list of options. It is most famous in metal fabrication, woodworking, sign making, and plastic fabrication. 

Trident, which is the CNC hybrid, has both outstanding routing capabilities and fast knife cutting that takes it on larger projects. If you have been looking for enhanced sign making, print finishing, and foam processing then Trident is your best choice. 

Innovator is the latest and truly advanced CNC router machine that is specifically manufactured to process a broad range of materials. It is mostly optimized for signs and graphics, educational institutions, and woodworking shops. 

Why Choose AXYZ CNC Routers?

Incorporating Axis CNC routers at your workplace will completely eradicate the requirement for outsourcing while saving a lot of money and time. The routers can easily improve the turnaround time up to 70% of production capabilities when compared to the rest of manual processes. Moreover, they will help improve the bottom line while reducing human error as well as material by 30%. 

In short, investors in Axis CNC routers for both premium products as well as services will bring never imagined success and improvement in your business. 

The company has built over 10,500 CNC routers across three countries and has been serving different industries that include aluminum composite and metal composite cladding point of purchase solid surface plastic and metal fabrication graphics and print finishing and more. 

Down The Line

AXYZ offers innovative and cutting-edge industrial CNC routers that help deliver high productivity at the most cost-effective price. Access offers a wide range of small-footprint CNC routers including Innovator, powerful, and heavy-duty pacer series. The company emphasizes customization, uniqueness, and delivering outstanding services to the customers. They offer CNC routers that will suit any process including general-purpose accessories that are specifically designed for varied functions.

If you have been looking for world-class CNC routers, then contact Arrow Digital Private Limited. We are in collaboration with AXYZ and have a wide range of CNC routers to offer you!

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