AXYZ Innovator – The Entry Level CNC Router

AXYZ Innovator – The Entry Level CNC Router

If you are an innovative professional and seeking an excellent CNC router at your workplace that can elevate your business heights then you have come to the right place. To fulfill every need of your business with utmost precision, We bring to you the AXYZ INNOVATOR CNC Router which is one of the leading entry-level CNC routers available in the market. 

AXYZ INNOVATOR is specifically built to process a wide range of materials and is available in standard sizes that will be a perfect fit for most common sheets. 

Let’s understand more about this best-class entry-level CNC router. 

Ingenious Package of Brilliant Features

AXYZ innovator is currently available  in two standard sizes that are 4′ x 4′ (1.2mx1.2m) and 5’x8′ (1.5m x 2.4m). It also has a gantry clearance of 6 inches (152mm). What makes this CNC router more efficacious is its compact size and its incredible power to precisely cut hardwoods, plastics, aluminum in order to generate high-quality finishes as well as short lead times. 

AXYZ INNOVATOR has higher industrial cutting capabilities along with reliable service and 24×7 parts support. It also has automated tools changing functionality along with the educational curriculum. The most amazing part of this CNC router is that it has a compact footprint with high quality and improvised components. 

High-tech Elements

AXYZ INNOVATOR encompasses high-quality components from dynamic suppliers and also offers specific machine detailing that is best suited for all standard material sheet sizes. Such kinds of precision deliver outstanding performance and accurate outputs. The CNC router has 150 mm standard gantry clearance along with 190 mm Z-stroke. 

One more brilliant element that makes it a must buy is its height traversing speed of 1000 IPM. It leverages X&Y helical rack and pinion Z-axis ballscrew drive system which brings ultimate precision in a single go. 

Most Popular Benefits & Industries to Serve

  • Signs and graphics shops- AXYZ innovator processes 2D or 3D signs in different materials including plastics, metals, and woods. 
  • Woodworking shops- the CNC router is a brilliant platform that can fabricate different types of wood for scenery production, shopfitting, furniture, and many more applications. 
  • Educational institutions- for basic CNC training new curriculum option is recently offered by AXYZ innovator. 
  • Prototyping shops- The CNC router easily takes the guesswork from the projects with the help of simple prototyping jobs.

What Makes It Unique?

  • Single head configuration- The CNC router has a single carriage with a Z-axis to get accurate depth control as well as comprehensive 3D processing. 
  • Solid Machine Base- INNOVATOR has a rigid and welded steel frame with cast gantry legs that makes it a sturdy structure. 
  • Zone controls- Zone controls help vacuum zones to get switched with manual valves. 
  • Smart console- This helps you achieve full machine control for simple machine set up and compact as well as intuitive package. 
  • Automated tool changer functionality
  • Compact footprint with high-quality components

So, if you are looking for a high-grade future of your business with lots of sturdiness then buy an AXYZ INNOVATOR CNC router from Arrow Digital Private Limited. We have recently collaborated with AXYZ to deliver impeccable services to our wide gamut of customers and industries. 

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