The most versatile and customisable cnc router system in the industry.The most configurable CNC machine in the industry.Process areas to suit all sheet sizes and budgets.Versatile head and tooling options for all materials and applications.Fully customisable systems are built to order for unique business requirements.
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Width: 28″ to 128″

Length: 4 ft to over 50 ft

Typical positioning speed: 25m/min-50m/min

Multiple tool configuration

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The most versatile router-knife hybrid in its class.Hybrid triple head on narrow carriage for small footprint.High power routing spindle for fast processing of tough materials.Tangential and oscillating knife tools for all flexible and semi-rigid materials.High gantry clearance allows processing of materials up to 5″ thickness.         
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Width: 60″ to 85″

Length: 98″ to 120″

Typical positioning speed: 1000-2000 ipm for Standard Models & 2200 ipm for High-Performance Option

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Industrial precision.Compact design.Full scale capacity.Exclusive enclosed 3 tool changer option.A solid steel frame with cast gantry legs for added rigidity.Integrated servo motors for smooth motion and high traversing speeds.

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Standard processing area: 49″ x 53″ or 96″x60″

Traversing speed: 1000 ipm 

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