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Kongsberg digital finishing products have been a market leader since their inception. Kongsberg offers a great start to your virtual finishing journey through their extensive experience of 50 years in the technical innovation and expertise domain. However, when it comes to Digital displays and POP, finishing becomes the most important element. If the displays and POPs have not been given a great finish then it lacks in giving a strong and appealing look to the customers. 

Let us understand in this blog about the four most crucial Kongsberg digital finishing cutting tables that offer incredible finishing to the displays and POPs.

Kongsberg X Edge

The Kongsberg X Edge tool is a great start to your digital finishing journey and offers great productivity along with flexibility. However, the tool does not compromise with the reliability and offers 30 m/minute with an acceleration of 0.3g. With your, every business needs the Kongsberg exchange will continue to evolve with you and will be easily upgraded in acceleration and speed. 

Best Features-

  • Fully upgradable
  • Low price
  • Incredible cutting quality
  • High production speed 

Kongsberg C Edge

The Kongsberg C edge is the most recent cutting table in the series and is completely ideal for all corrugated and sign production purposes. However, you can step up your productivity with its highest speed which is 75 m/min, and has an acceleration of 1G.  With its incredible functioning features, it can study your customers with high-quality outputs and faster turnarounds.

As your company starts growing this best glass cutting table will work as per your requirements and will do all the upgradation besides the high-class acceleration and speed results. These tools have consistent milling accuracy. We bet that you will never receive such a brilliant quality cutting table from the rest at an affordable cost!

Kongsberg X Series

The Kongsberg X cutting table is a widely used comprehensive and versatile digital finishing device on the globe. You can easily upgrade your business with this series and you can also add new software and tools into it so that the volume can be added and you will be easily serving the new market segments. AIt is the best enticing investment level that the Kongsberg X edge series offers to its customers. 

  • Finishing of a wide range of materials
  • Faster milling
  • User-friendly operation
  • Tools switching without loss of time

Kongsberg C Series

Get the ever best digital finishing solution with Kongsberg C series digital finishes that are fit for display, signage, and packaging applications. it is specifically designed to stay abreast with the wider and faster printers of the future and the present. However, it is the first multifunction super digital finisher for all packaging, display, and signage applications.

  • Carbon composite traverse
  • High-powered 3kW Milling
  • Downforce for creasing
  • Tool Calibration
  • Table Mapping
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Auxiliary Control Panel

Wide Applications

Kongsberg cutting tables are a perfect fit for every application including displays, Signage, Samples Making, Corrugated Packaging, Labels, Decals, Protective Packaging, Flexo plates, and more.

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