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Kornit Digital is the market leader in digital textile printing technology and has introduced the most ravishing ornate DTG (Direct to Garment) printers for versatile and efficiently direct garment apparel production on demand. However, the technology has effectively replaced the utilization of screen printing by reducing the cost per print and making short runs a completely profitable job. Moreover, these DTG printers have eliminated the inventory resource waste and have bought speeding production with their unlimited design capabilities. The most amazing factor of these DTG printers is that they can be applied to a wide range of materials with their single eco-friendly ink set.

The Story Behind

Even though T-shirt printing businesses could offer a strong profit channel, the screen printing technology delivered limited growth potential since large order volumes were reducing and customers were demanding quick turnaround with creative graphic capabilities. Additionally, the situation created a draining situation on both materials as well as laborers. However, these limitations were precisely addressed by Kornit Digital Printers and hence they decided to incorporate on-demand digital production technology that enables suppliers to imprint clothes in any sort of quantity with the help of a single-step process while completing it in a short time duration.

The most advanced DTG printers have been offering The most reliable DTG solutions and all the support needed for the customers.

Awesome Outputs

Speaking about the quality of the output delivered by DTG customers have been proudly stating that the finished comment has outstanding hand-feel due to which the garments get sold to our customers very easily. However, with this evergreen and ever-fast digital technology, organizations have been expanding their businesses and have started producing a model to integrate with the online business startups. However, producing an integrated model for online business startups won’t run well for screen-based print operations.

Today customers are constantly operating in digital terms and totally depend upon the suppliers to transform and meet the demands of the customers using the digital means. No doubt that screen printing will always be there at its place especially for bulk orders of graphically simple products. But for on-demand production at the digital speed, Kornit DTG printers will always stand tall!

A Sustainable Alternative

The printing on demand notion of Kornit digital helps reduce inventory and creates absolutely no waste while offering diverse designs. However, intelligent agent manufacturing delivers high profits for all stakeholders with a customized workflow software interface with the retail data. This controls inventory while lowering down the lead times and reducing risk. Moreover, the on-demand production situated close to the customers increases the speed of the product resulting in future profitability for the manufacturer and retailer. This overall affects the cycle of overproduction by reducing the environmental and landfill pollution. The Kornit NeoPigment inks are formulated, tested and produced in house at Kornit. This way they are monitored, controlled and maintain the highest quality levels. These Inks are water-based inks and are 100% Non-hazardous. The Kornit Inks meet the Highest Industry standards and are certified by by Oeko-Tex 100 safety applications for infant wear, Global Organic Textiles (GOTS-3V), Residues Standard List (RSL) and the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists

Broad Applications

Kornit DTG printers offer high-end fashion applications along with their superior color matching, a wide range of color gamut, and discharge ink with a brilliant hand feel. The DTG Printers have been widely used for-

  • T-shirts
  • Fashion
  • Activewear
  • Denim and jeans
  • Beachwear
  • Hoodies
  • Yoga Pants, Leggings
  • & More…

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