Best Solution for Markets with Precision Cutter

The most recent concept of industry 4.0 is making a dynamic entry into different industry sectors and is creating huge demands for measurement as well as inspection technologies that offer high reliability, precision, and stable growth. However, it has been observed a transforming leap in the improvement of the global industrial domain that has resulted in rising demand for high-quality precision measuring tools that will reduce the overall turnaround time as well as cost.

This increase in end-user focus on high-quality operations is bringing high competitiveness and is evoking investors to invest their money in the technically advanced precision measuring tools. 

Considering this scenario, KONGSBERG SYSTEMS has been delivering outstanding cutting solutions for markets through its highly accurate precision cutters. 

In this blog, let us have a look at the topmost solutions offered by Kongsberg Systems for industrial markets. 

Corrugated Packaging

Kongsberg cutting tables are excellent in fusing speed, accuracy, as well as, power on the most popular corrugated materials which cannot be achieved with any other cutting table in the market. Its technically advanced tools such as CorruSpeed tool and Crease wheels, optimum level of corrugated packaging could be achieved. 

Display Production

POP/POS displays are the most integral part of marketing products as well as services. However, to get eye-catching displays you need a processed cutting table that can handle a different range of materials. To unlock your creativity, Kongsberg Systems offers VariAngle tool, High frequency VibraCut knife tool as well a V-notch tool that will satisfy your every creative need! 

Signage Production

Kongsberg Systems offers a wide range of cutting tables that have different tools to handle a complete range of materials in the signage production domain. Its cutting tables can handle every job right from small, wide, flexible, to rigid with utmost precision and speed while resulting in high-quality outputs. To deliver outstanding results in signage production, Kongsberg Systems encompass the RotaCut Tool, Rigid Material Knife Tool, Milling Machine, and Psaligraphy Knife Tool. 

Labels & Decals Production

For your every need of a short-run batch of small labels or for huge decals, Kongsberg systems brings world-class cutting tables that have advanced tools for different materials. The tools that make your decals or small labels even more precise include the KissCutting Knife Tool and the Psaligraphy Knife Tool!

Sample Making

In any packaging production process, sample making plays a very significant role. And Kongsberg has the most precise cutting tables that can make your samples look even more appealing. Kongsberg X EDGE would be the most appropriate choice for you if you have been looking to make samples of a wide range of materials. You can also make short-run production and other packaging-related tasks with it!

Protective Packaging Production 

Yes! Kongsberg systems offer ingenious solutions for protective packaging production space. The company understands that the protective packaging of foam and corrugated materials helps reduce the weight of cargo by 50% when compared to that of the wooden crates. Their systems are most suited for producing protective packaging. 

You can choose a template along with a cut that will suit your requirement and it will be done in a fast turnaround time! The perfect tools for foam and corrugated materials include CorruSpeed Tool, Crease Wheels, Cutting Foam, and High-Frequency VibraCut Knife Tool. 

So, without giving a second thought, buy Kongsberg Cutting Systems and experience a precise set of outputs that will just make your customers super delighted!

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