Arrow Digital Label Finishers

Enter a New Era in Label Finishing Excellence with Arrow Digital Label Finishers and Laser Finishing Solutions. Elevating the final touches to label printing, Arrow’s cutting-edge finishers seamlessly integrate with precision and innovation. Whether it’s intricate die-cutting, laser finishing, or precise cutting, Arrow Digital Label Finishers provide a comprehensive solution for achieving flawless, customized labels.

The laser finishing capabilities enhance the versatility, allowing for intricate designs and precise cuts on various label materials. Whether you’re in the business of crafting specialty labels or need a high-quality finishing touch, Arrow’s laser finishing solutions offer unmatched precision and flexibility.

Arrow doesn’t just offer equipment; it provides a commitment to comprehensive support and advanced software solutions, ensuring you harness the full potential of your label finishing capabilities. From swift production speeds to customizable finishing options, these solutions empower you to meet the demands of an ever-evolving market.

Experience the future of label finishing where creativity, precision, and adaptability converge. Arrow Digital Label Finishers and Laser Finishing Solutions offer a sustainable and precise approach, allowing you to stay at the forefront of label finishing trends. Elevate your standards with Arrow, leaders in Label Finishing Excellence.

ArrowCut Nova330R - 13" Roll to Roll Laser Cutter

High-Speed, Digital Pigment Inkjet Label Printer.The ArrowCut Nova330R is a state of the art laser finisher.

Max Media Width: 13.5″

Media Supported: PET, Paper, BOPP, PP

Functions: Roll to Roll Die-cutting, lamination, matrix removal, inline slitting

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ArrowCut Nova250R Laser Label Cutter

The ArrowCut Nova250R is the latest in laser finishing solutions.It also gives users the ability to perforate and do full cuts with ease!

Max Media Width: 11″

Media Supported:PET,PE,Paper,BOPP,PP

Functions: Roll to Roll Laser Die-cutting,lamination,matrix removal,slitting,rewinding

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Arrow EZCut 330A

The Arrow EZCut 330A is the world’s first roll-to-roll AND roll-to-sheet digital blade finishing system!

Max Media Width: 100-350mm

High-Speed Blade Cutter: Speeds up to 25’/min

Functions: Lamination, rewinder for the lamination backing matrix removal, slitting, trimming, sheeting

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Arrow EZCut 240

The Arrow EZCut 240 is the perfect solution for cutting out stickers printed on almost any inkjet label printer.

Max Roll Width
: 80-240mm

Max Cutting Speed:8m/min

Machine Dimension: 91cm x 63cm x 74cm

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Arrow EZCut 330R 13" Blade Finisher

Arrow EZCut 330R is the perfect blade finishing option for printer up to 13″ wide. 

Max Media Width: 13.5″

Media Supported:PET,Paper,BOPP,PP,PVC

Functions: Roll to Roll Die-cutting,lamination,matrix removal and slitting.

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Arrow Eco-300 Roll-to-Roll Label Cutter

The Arrow Eco 300 is the economical finishing option for roll materials. 

Max Media Width: 16″

Media Supported:PET,Paper,BOPP,PP,PVC

Functions: Die-cutting and Matrix Removal

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Arrow Slitter

This high-speed, roll-to-roll slitting system is the perfect­ offline tool

Arrow Ezcut 330s

Die-cut up to 1,000 sheets at once with the Arrow EZCut 330S sheet die-cutter