Diversified Applications Using EFI Hybrid Machines

Today, newly advanced print hardware, as well as software, are transforming the printing space drastically. Most businesses have shifted their focus to digital printing techniques to grow their business. Among the efficient digital printers in the market, hybrid printing stands out as quite more profitable and productive. And EFI is one of the leading manufacturers of Hybrid printers that undoubtedly help in strengthening your printing business and making it more sturdy. 

Let us understand in this blog more about EFI Hybrid Machines and their diversified applications. 

EFI Hybrid Printers For All Your Needs

The hybrid printers offered by EFI deliver matchless flexibility and possess the whole capacity of printing flexible sheets, rigid substrates, and roll-to-roll through a single footprint. You can easily migrate from flexible to rigid materials with these printers and can achieve cost-effective production. Not least, but the biggest advantage of incorporating these printers at your business workplace, can assist you in offering a wide variety of applications to your customers and that too at an affordable price. 

Designed for the high-speed wide format sign and display market. Delivers the versatility, ease of use and environmentally friendly benefits that  have made EFI VUTEk LED printers famous. This translates into lower cost, increased margins, higher productivity, and higher quality in an easy to use, reliable, industrial-built hybrid printer.

EFI Hybrid printers can easily print on varied substrates that can serve different application needs with high-quality images along with eco-friendly benefits.  The printers embrace the most powerful combination of LED curing technology through which you can meet the growing demands of your customers. Also, you can get everything printed in quick turnaround times with precision!

EFI Hybrid printers give you the privilege of printing on unique and new substrates that creates and opens up a number of opportunities for innovative applications throughout. 

Delivers unmatched levels of:

  • Reliability
  • Serviceability
  • Ease of use
  • Quality
  • Productivity
  • Expandability

Plethora Of Applications 

EFI hybrid printers are broadly used for a variety of applications including Display Graphics, Exhibition Graphics, Indoor Signage, Day/Night Backlit Displays, POP Graphics, Posters, Photographic Reproduction, Beverage Lights/ Signs, Vending & Gaming Panels, Outdoor Signage, Warning Signs, Regulatory Signs, Street Name Blades, Information & Safety Signs, and much more. 

This wide range of applications made through EFI UltraDrop Technology 7pL grayscale printing makes EFI printers stand out from the crowd and makes them a must-buy!

Some Add-On Factors

EFI Hybrid printers enhance productivity through their cool cure LED curing technology and offer premium margin jobs with the lowest possible costs. They also help in reducing the overall waste with simple operation and a consistent color process. If you are seeking any greener print solutions then these printers will surely satisfy your need through their low VOCs and low consumables. 

Speaking about their printing capabilities, the printers with Color Ink, White Ink or Clear Ink single-pass with different layered printing capacities for unique and varied applications. Not least, they offer the lowest cost of ownership which is one of the biggest advantages. 

Pure Innovation 

  • Extensible Architecture
  • Motion Technology
  • Belt Technology
  • Imaging Technology
  • Ink Delivery
  • Electrical Infrastructure
  • Automation
  • Software Innovation
  • Industrial Design
  • Cloud Services

Each of these hybrid printers possesses unique features and delivers high-class outputs. However, owing to their versatile nature, the EFI hybrid printers have been widely used among a number of printing business owners and have gained unbeatable profits!

So, why wait?

Get into the wide-format display graphics printing business and take into the new markets and advanced revenue streams while reclaiming outsourced work. Make the most out of these EFI hybrid printers and leverage them for your overflow and specialty printing needs. 

Buy EFI Hybrid Printers for your varied applications from Arrow Digital Pvt. Ltd. which is the most trusted solution provider of different printers and their substrates!

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