EFI Pro 32r+ Application

Dominate Wall Graphics And Wall Murals With The EFI Pro 32r+

EFI Pro 32r+ prints Wall Graphics and Wall Murals in ways that were previously impossible.


The past several years have seen an explosion of growth within the digital printing industry. Digital print providers have gained ground due to their efficiency and lower cost.

Most digital printers now offer a broad range of services, including murals, wallpaper graphics,  Building Wraps, Billboard, Day/Night Backlits, fine Arts, Floor Graphics, Indoor Hanging Banners, POP, Signage, Tradeshow Graphics, Window Clings/Graphics For all these applications you have one solution, the EFI Pro 32r+.

The 3.2-meter wide format roll-to-roll LED printer, to be everything you need to be more competitive and profitable in an economical, all-in-one, production-level printer. 

With new digital wallpaper offerings reaching consumers through more affordable means than ever before, we may just be witnessing a massive shift in consumer preference away from traditional wallpaper products.

So, if you are into the wallpaper graphics business or want to start, this article will clarify why this is the best time to start and how you can succeed. Stick with me to get some invaluable insights.

Growing Trend Of Mural Walls And The Wallpaper Graphics Industry

The wallpaper industry has been slow to catch up with modern technology and innovation, but it may finally be on the brink of some significant changes.

Traditionally it has been one of the most popular decorations in homes, businesses, and other establishments because of its versatility, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use.

Traditional wallpapers fit any interior design aesthetics, and with today’s digital printing technologies, it’s even possible to create customized wallpapers with your photos or artworks.

EFI Pro 32r+ Application
EFI Pro 32r+ Application

What Are Murals?

Murals are traditional arts that are painted directly on the walls or ceilings. It was used to depict the history, glory of clans, and some conventional artefacts in the past. And an artist used to paint on the walls and ceilings. 

But now, with the evolution of technology, wallpapers are being used in place of paintings because of cheaper costs. People also rely on wallpaper solutions for their dream homes and corporate offices, and much more.

Opportunities In The Upcoming Years

According to a new analysis from IDTechEx, over 10 billion digital inkjet printers will be sold by the end of 2022, and most of them will be used for wallpaper or graphics printing as the demand is on the rise.

This rapid growth is driven by conventional pricing of wallpaper and increased use of large format inkjet printers like EFI pro 32r+, which also reduces environmental footprints.

The overall market was at $3.8bn in 2017 but could grow to $11bn by 2023 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24%. 

It is also predicted that inkjet wallpaper will become an essential part of commercial wallcovering applications such as hotels and restaurants.

The opportunity for murals on walls will increase dramatically with EFI digital printers because they can produce high-quality wallpaper that looks like hand-painted murals without any need for a skilled artist or muralist. 

With EFI White and Clear Option you can create Textured effects on the Wallpaper and Wall Murals to give a 3D look. The multi-layer and white ink technology from EFI enables users to create tactile textures with any design or pattern on wallcovering.

Why People Are Opting For Wallpaper Graphics

Wallpaper Graphics Are Cheaper & Durable Than Wall Paints.

The initial installation cost of wallpapers may be high, but it is more durable than paints, making them cheaper in the long run. Good quality wallpapers can last up to 15 years, while wall paints need to be retouched every two to three years to maintain their colour.

It Saves A Lot Of Time And Effort.

People think wallpapering is a very long process than painting, but it’s not. Painting is a long process as it requires at least two different coats of paint to give the wall a finishing touch.

With the advancement of digital printers like EFI pro32r+, it becomes easier to give incredible mural wallpaper graphic designs in no time.

Endless Customization Options

Wall paintings have unlimited customization options than paintings. People can design the way they want and match current trends, traditional mural wallpapers, motivational wallpapers, scenic wallpaper, and whatnot.

These endless options of wallpaper graphics cater to many industries, such as big corporations, hotels, playschools, hospitals and so on, as people are searching for more innovation in wall printing graphics.

Wall Graphics Can Be Changed/ Repaired More Easily.

Revamping wall graphics is easy. Whether people want to repair a small section or the whole wallpaper, it would be a simpler task than paintings.

Just replace the wallpaper with better designs, and there would not be any additional cost, unlike paints.

More Environmentally Friendly

Wall graphics are more environmentally friendly than paints. Printers like EFI pro 32r+ come with Green Led technology that reduces environmental footprints. Whereas wall paints leave chemicals as residue, which is very harmful to nature.  

How Efi Pro 32r+ Is Up For The Task

Efi pro 32r+ is best for Wall murals and wallpaper printing because of its high quality and high-resolution output, ideal for large wallpaper and murals. Also, EFI Pro 32r+  handles a wide variety of flexible substrates with Maximum printing width up to 3.2 m.

This trait makes EFI pro 32r more competitive when it comes to price per square foot and time spent installing a large mural or wallpapering project.

EFI UV LED printers also leverage SuperRange XF inks with a 3M MCS warranty. It also includes white ink on 3M flexible media. EFI genuine inks are LED curable UV inks with a wide color gamut and small dot gain that offer advanced durability and are genuinely environmentally friendly.

It is explicitly made for advanced white printing applications with up to 5 layers of various print modes.

Moreover, EFI genuine inks are GREENGUARD certified. The Greengard certification makes sure that the products have met stringent and comprehensive standards for low emissions of VOCs in indoor air.

This feature makes EFI pro32r stand out from other digital printers in the market and helps you dominate.

Due to the Greenguard & RoHS Certifications you can use the EFI Pro 32r+ Prints in Hospitals as well as Kids area without any hesitation.

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