EFI Pro 30h – The Entry Level 3.2 Meter UV LED Printer with Increased Efficiency, and New Application

The EFI Pro 30h is a hybrid flatbed/roll-fed entry-level production printer that offers a more widespread application capability, versatility, and profit potential towards businesses involved in the wide-format work. A cost-effective, 3.2-meter hybrid printer that delivers the consistency, versatility and environmentally friendly benefits that have made EFI LED hybrid printers the clear choice in the marketplace – now available to the entry level market.

EFI Pro 30H is the one-stop solution for best quality printing owing to the following aspects:

Hybrid Printer

EFI 30h is a hybrid printer and is 3.2 meters wide, being considered a pro in printing. EFI has LED cool curing technology, which allows customers to print on a wide array of substrates and give them a whole sustainable printing solution without jeopardizing the speed and quality of the prints. It is highly preferred in printing for commercial printing shops, sign shops, in-plant print departments looking to start, upgrade, add boards, and roll-to-roll print jobs with their wide-format capabilities. It runs at a speed of 2477sq ft./hr. The Powerful EFI LED technology is lower power consumption and reduces waste.

Dedicated Vacuum Zones

EFI executes itself with the six individual controlled vacuum zones to quickly and adjust media on the fly. The wholly enclosed printing system reduces the chance of dust or debris making its way into the print zone or potentially travelling onto the material and provides you with the best printing results.

Media Management

Efi has a media hold down bar that manages sheets better and consists of a redirect roller that can smoothen the troubling edges of thin media or multiple media rolls. The roller can straightly feed the media into the printer, maintaining a good balance. The numerous images automatically scanned, adjust margins, and identify multiple edges when multiple roll printing occurs.


EFI Printers are innovative and evolving with modern technologies by delivering robust and modernized printers with digital transformation and new business strategies for customers to lean on. It has the most core components integration of software, hardware and above all EFI Genuine inks.

EFI Genuine Printing Inks

EFI inks are the perfect match for indoor, outdoor and fleet applications. It has superb white ink printing performance in single and multi-layer print modes consisting of four colors (CMYK) plus dual white standard and single-pass multi-layer printing. There are two printheads for each of the four colors and the white channels and can deliver 1200 dpi print for high-value applications such as retail. EFI has also advanced clear ink for high gloss finishes and special effects of printing outcomes.

The Clear ink is  Printed inline, simultaneously with the image, without slowing production speed, it gives a gloss or matte effect with the same ink. Moreover the clear ink provides 3 years outdoor protection against Abrasion and scratching, Chemicals such as detergents, gasoline, and IPA, Weather damage, Air pollution, UV fading/yellowing.

Certified inks

EFI Inks are Greenguard Gold and Greenguard Certified, these inks are also ROHS certified which gives you a complete sustainable solution.

EFI digital printer has got tremendous popularity and is exposed to the markets for its effortless, quick and convenient use by offering innumerable benefits to its customers.

Why EFI Pro 30h?

  • The new magnetic linear drive control and high-volume ink jetting at an accurate level to support productivity
  • The EFI Pro 30h is built with Ricoh Gen 5 Print Heads which gives it a capability to print 5 Layers in single pass.
  • Advanced media-platen vacuum system with 6 chambers having their own independent vacuum power controls
  • It has dual roll printing Capabilities
  • One of the Pro 30h printer’s notable differentiators is its continuous board printing capability, a standard feature that allows users to maximize the printer’s full production speeds with large boards or multiple small boards simultaneously
  • Dual touchscreen graphical user interface in front and back of printer for ease of operation in multiple applications
  • A choice of EFI ProGraphics Series UV Inks to best meet your application needs.
  • The Pro 30h is Embedded Fiery proServer Core digital front end.