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If you are looking in the textiles printing business and looking at new ways to improve higher productivity, increase the range and quality of fashion products that you can offer to your clients, the ‘EFI Reggiani VOGUE’ is just the right kind of industrial textile digital printer that you need.

It is a state-of-the-art industrial textile printer that can perform direct-to-textile printing enabling users to get the most accurate fabric printing.

So, using this innovative printer, you can print different kinds of apparel, fashionwear and home furnishing.

Efficient Eco System

This cutting edge printer comes with the entire ecosystem of EFI printing software, environmental sensors and even an EFI printing server that makes it possible to work seamlessly to create high-quality printing on any kind of fabric.

Recirculation System

The re-circulation system reduces the need for specific air conditioning and humidity controls, saving energy and reducing overall usage costs.

Speed and Resolution

The Reggiani VOGUE can print at resolutions up to 2400 dpi with 16 printing heads and 8 colours using any type of printing ink with a maximum production speed of up to 325 sq. mtr./hr.

Saves time

The printer automatically detects fabric widths and sets margins thereby saving time for operators to measure fabrics before loading.

The EFI Reggiani VOGUE is an industrial textile printer designed for superior-quality direct-to-textile printing in fashion applications. The printer boasts an innovative recirculation system that saves ink and reduces maintenance during machine operation and between stoppages. The re-circulation system also reduces the need for specific air conditioning and humidity controls, saving energy and reducing overall usage costs.

An innovative new enclosed printhead design on the VOGUE simplifies the carriage layout and ensures easier print head removal. A new composite carriage with a steel head plate eliminates the need to align individual heads. The printer also automatically detects substrate widths, centers images and sets margins for jobs

Coming from the reputed EFI Reggiani family, a global leader in digital textile printing technologies, the printer is manufactured to the highest quality standards to be used across a broad spectrum of industries.

The EFI Reggiani VOGUE is known to help customers get high productivity with a higher degree of reliability, performance and fewer stoppages. VOGUE reduces the need for environmental conditioning, saving energy.

EFI Reggiani Inks are Water based inks evolution which will enhance your print capabilities and performance. Outstanding printing results will boost your home-textile and fashion productions. Deliver incomparable shades and deep intensive colors to your most demanding customers.

These eco-friendly water-based inks are designed to leverage Reggiani digital printers performance. They are specially designed for the Kyocera printhead technology, which ensures an extraordinary level of print durability, longer life of printheads, and reduced maintenance costs.

Now explore the best of technology to print on all possible garment surfaces accurately and reliably with the advanced all in one printer from EFI.

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