EFI UV Printers – Expand Growth with Unbelievable UV Applications in Decor Industry

In this competitive age, the scope for UV-wide format printers is huge and there doesn’t come a single day or a week when there is no discovery of innovative applications. However, there has been a significant change in the overall productivity and efficiency along with the cost of the UV printers that are spearheading the crucial market.

The Interior decoration sector offers an extensive market that is very easy for disruption. The decor industry is one such space where UV Technologies can easily unlock the unreachable surface effects and limitless creative applications. Since this technology has become more prevalent it also addresses a sustainable printing process that is best suited for industrial as well as personalized printed decor production requirements. EFI has been a name of fame and trust in the printing market and offers a huge variety of EFI UV printers.

Eco Friendly and Energy Efficient Approach 

EFI UV LED printers are more energy-efficient and contain no VOCs while delivering excellent print quality. Since, irradiance UV offers a deeper penetrating light source that enables a better adhesion and cure of thicker films, along with dark and opaque colors. Moreover, UV LED offers curing at a continuous intensity over a long period.

In the UV Digital Printing, once the piezoelectric printhead is left, a print dot stays on the top of the media and at the ultraviolet light unit. After this, it dries immediately. Since this has a quick-drying print process, it offers UV printing a fast turnaround time because the dried media can be immediately handled without any fault. Moreover, since your printing process has quick drying quality the printing gets cured instantly where the wetted ink does not spread out on the material after it is printed. This will result in the finer details of the printed graphic output.

Wider Substrates 

Top UV LED printers such as EFI UV LED printers can make prints on a wide range of substrates and add the LED printing Technology to grow throughout the printing industry. These substrates include polyester fabrics, wooden doors, glass, backlit displays, acrylic panels, dense boards, green board, sun board and even heat-sensitive media too.

A major element of incorporating UV LED printing in your signage printing business is that it offers efficient usage of resources while bringing pollution prevention energy savings, huge waste reduction, and long-term financial savings that will help you grow your printing business.

Since the LED process does not have mercury lamps there are no related environmental or personal safety issues that result in high production, energy efficiency, and continuous outputs.

On the other hand, the UV inks are completely free of VOCs and do not have any toxins. Hence these technologies are safe for Schools and even Hospitals.

With these outstanding features and benefits, the UV printing innovations are looking to have huge growth in the market not just in the décor industry but also in other sectors.

A Bright Future Of Décor Industry With UV Printing

As per the recent statistics, the UV printing market is growing fast and is in Vishesh to reach around 1.71 billion dollars by 2027 and might get a huge growth at a cagr of 21.7 % by 2027.

Moreover, the global UV LED printing machine market will reach around $500 million by 2024!

The UV Technology can be widely used for Wall Coverings, Textured Wallpapers, Floor Graphics, Interior Designing, Wood or Glass Partitions and many other interesting décor applications can be produced using EFI UV LED Printer.

So, if your interior décor business is wishing to take huge jumps then EFI UV Printers are right solution for you, contact Arrow Digital Pvt. Ltd for more advanced and affordable options!

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