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With EFI VUTEk Q5r ROLL To ROLL Printing Machine Take Performance, Efficiency and Quality to the EXTREME

With EFI VUTEk Roll to Roll printing machine one can capture a high volume of indoor and outdoor signage applications such as posters, retail graphics, banners, transit and much more. The sign and display graphics market is one of the most exciting, profitable, and fastest-growing segments in the print and packaging industry. EFI’s latest technologies for sign and display graphics production allow you to print on a wider range of substrates than ever before, with vibrant, photo-realistic images and white ink that makes graphics pop, and at production-level speeds to keep you competitive and profitable.

When EFI products come into play, you don’t have to worry about compatibility, upgradability and limitations. The EFI ultra-wide and large format roll-to-roll printing machine come with different types of value-added options. Although, these options continue to shift towards different versatile platforms that can deliver superior application delivery, revenue opportunities, and an extended outreach.

roll to roll printing machine

Let us see some top value added options that makes EFI VUTEk Q5r the best roll to roll printing machine for special applications.

Duplex Printing – The Roll to Roll Star Feature 

EFI printer offers three double sided printing solutions that combine exclusive electronics, proprietary software and hardware to make complex tasks easier.

Automatic Blockout printing is an automatic system that assists in double-sided printing of opaque barrier materials. This system lowers the level of operator skill required and Simple, easy and fully automatic system

Automatic Backlit Printing is an automatic patented system that is perfectly made for double sided backlit printing on backlit media. It has brilliant accuracy while it is camera guided software that will automatically correct registration on the X, Y, and tilt axes.

ID Backprint prints file information on the rear of the media, facilitating the identification of the finished job for packing, shipping, and installation. It saves time during installation of printed job

Clear Ink with Color Options:

In addition to the standard CMYK colors, EFI Q5r roll to roll printing machine deliver optional LC, LM, LK, white and clear coat. It helps to add a variety of highly profitable applications to your work.

The clear ink is usually included to create a high-gloss or matt effect in selected areas to improve output quality and to add an extra finish to color. It offers many creative options to enhance the richness of your images. It also saves offline coating time.

You can activate 7-color printing simply by adding 3 Light colors. Prints include Light Cyan, Light Magenta and Light Black. These features expand the color gamut & provide smooth skin tones, multiple colors, fine sharp details, smooth gradient transitions, and other benefits.

Built-in Finishing Options

The whole game is all about automation! The EFI has great built-in finishing features that help you create unique workflows by which you can easily automate the printing and finishing process in one shot.

These built in features include vertical splitting, trimming and printing of client information on the back of the media, collections of cut media, and cutting horizontally. By this way you are already saving a lot of time and you can also save a lot of space by replacing overly expensive finishing machines.

Y slitters are generally applied for vertical trimming of margins. However, you may use them for choosing a single media for multiple jobs. With Y slitters, the modifiable configuration turns out to be extraordinary as Cuts media on the Y-axis on-the-fly, simultaneously with printing. And this has a completely easy set up system in which minimises media waste and increases the printing area.

Roll to Sheet X Cutter is the most important feature built into the printer. The X factor grants automatically cuts media on the X axis between jobs, on-the-fly. It replaces expensive cutting equipment and helps to save space

Media Operating Equipments

EFI offers exceptional media handling accessories that ensure precise media feeding and collection while allowing for continuous and error-free operation.

3 Meter Heavy Super Duty Unwinder and Heavy Roll Loader 

This is a fully integrated unwinder or rewinder option for EFI printers that allows them to deal with heavy media up to 793 kg in 3 m media rolls. As a result, there is an increase in productivity in the long run.

Motorised Winder and Media Dispenser 

The electric winding machine is a winding and unwinding machine that features an electro-pneumatic core shaft. This allows for media collecting as well as increased media marketing and print quality. It also works with full-width paper and multi-roll paper. The media dispenser is a gripping mechanism that pushes the media sideways to feed it into the printer.

Apart from the listed above the EFI also offers the media collection Kit, vacuum plate, wrinkle analyser, and carrier station.

Software Options

The EFI has software options that include productivity options to enhance performance, including the Software Performance Enhancement Package, Media Save Wizard & I phone app.

All these features and Value added options make the EFI VUTEk Q5r the Most Advanced Roll to Roll Printing Machine and it really stands out from the crowd when it comes to compatibility and upgradability.

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