Emerging Trends in Labels & Flexible Packaging

The current trends in the labeling and packaging industry include enticing packaging and labeling designs along with sustainable solutions. Also, it has embraced customized human-to-human branding. With its whole lots of benefits, today, labeling and flexible packaging have got an extended role as media!

Let us understand in this blog the emerging trends in labels and flexible packaging.

The Revolution of Digital Printing

The recent years have been the most dominated by the digital world. Digital Printing makes use of the computer principles working mechanism while constructing the physical product packaging and creating the graphics and images that can make their appearance attractive. Hence it becomes fair to say that Digital Printing has become crucial for every part of the current packaging and there is no sign of it getting hindered in the future.

The biggest advantage of digital printing allows the packagers to get more latitude in personalization and customization options. Due to its outstanding features, most packaging companies are now switching from analog to digital platforms. The Digital Printing Technology allowed users to print all colors in a single pass due to which the ‘print on demand’ concept went viral in the industry.

Customized Packaging

With the help of digital printing, it becomes easier to customize packaging value and can add personalization to the products as well. This trend has been in the market for a few years and has thrown an incredible impact on the packaging and labeling industry. As per a recent survey around 70% of the marketers strongly believe that personalization has a greater and strong impact on their customers. Customized the services you provide to the customers the more are the chances of retention and their satisfaction.

One thing to remember is that there is no ‘one size fits all’ motto in personalized packaging but this should be the core principle behind this Trend. Customization helps companies to promote their brand in an enticing manner that stands out of the crowd.
Originally personalized packaging is also about the brand’s story. While promoting the brand, the marketers try to relate the product or services to the customers’ stories that connect the customers on their levels, and purchasing the product becomes irresistible. Why customization has become the top trend in the label and packaging industry.

Vibrant Colors, Designs, and Gradients

The levels and flexible packaging industry is moving towards Bolt designs as well as effects that undoubtedly throw a long-lasting impact on the customers. As per the expert suggestions, this would be the trend even for the next few years. A lot of companies have now concluded that multi color designs along with dramatic effects help them stand out from the crowd while increasing the sales volume at an elevated height.

It is a fact that humans respond amazingly to those packaging that makes use of distinctive colors and designs and this makes them even 80% more aware of the product.

In the coming years, this trend will likely see the continued dominance of vibrant packaging colors along with the use of playful graphics on the packaging. Gradation in Colors is only possible with Digital as multiple colors are involved in it.

The Tremendous Growth in Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging has itself become a trend that will continue to achieve amazing popularity and there is a better reason for it. There have been numerous technological advancements in the flexible packaging material that makes them stay suitable for or several consumer products that they were once thinking twice to buy.

As per the United States reports around $170 billion accounts in the global packaging market while 19 % of it is taken by flexible packaging.

Label Printing

Have you ever heard about stick-on shipping labels? Well, this was the norm during the old days and these were also the last things that would go on a packaged product before it was supposed to be delivered to the customers.

Stick-on labels are not the new trend for shipping labels while now several sellers package their products on demand even after they already know about the recipient. This occurs especially in e-commerce as well as online shopping where people keep on placing orders before companies fill them.

Eco designed Labeling

Today with the increasing awareness, especially, the younger ones look for sustainability and an environmentally friendly approach while purchasing any product. therefore it has become very essential for the plants to show their ecological commitment through designing eco-friendly labels. Undoubtedly labels are the most important factor in the circular economy since labeling solutions support the recycling of packaging. The recycling includes wash-off labels, stimulating the circular use of the materials.

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