Excellence At Its Best With Digital Finisher For Wallpaper – FOTOBA XLD 170 WP

Today, wallpaper has emerged as the new trend for wall decoration for commercial as well as for residential environments. Owing to the highly advanced technology and excellent features, wallpapers can have classic and stylish prints along with modern graphics and filtered textile effects that can make the wallpaper get the most appealing look. You can also get digitally printed wallpapers on advanced media such as adhesive PVC and more. 

So, have you been searching for a dynamic wallpaper cutter for your business? Well, if yes, then you are at the right place. 

FOTOBA XLD 170 WP is the most special version of the XLD 170 digital print cutter which is specifically designed to create the most accurate vertical cut. The vertical cut helps to get a perfect butt joint. It is the high-speed digital printed wallpaper cutter that has awesome features to make your business gain profitable insights. 

Let us understand more about this excellent digital finisher for wallpaper in this blog.

FOTOBA XLD 170 WP is most ideal for trimming different tiles having single images in the rear and backside. The digital cutter leverages the image having an accuracy of 0,06 mm having a max thickness of 32 ml and can handle including polycarbonate, photo paper, vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl, PVC, film, duratrans, TDF, canvas, laminated or encapsulated prints and much more.. The broad array of media that is supported by this digital cutter includes film, duratrans, photo paper vinyl, polycarbonate self-adhesive vinyl PDF encapsulated prints, laminated prints, canvas, and much more. This shows the versatile feature of FOTOBA XLD 170 WP and makes it distinctive among the rest of the digital cutters in the market.

Unimaginable Performance

It is the most perfect solution for cutting styles of the wallpaper with utmost accuracy. However, this cutter is specifically designed to work with sheets as well as rolls. 

Talking about the Fotoba cut marks then they are embedded in world-famous RIP software.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Features You Shouldn’t Miss

  • Max cutting width: 170cm/67in.
  • Min cutting width: 28cm/11in.
  • Max cutting thickness: 1mm
  • Feeding speed: 18mt/min
  • X cutting accuracy: 1mm
  • Y cutting accuracy: 0,068mm
  • Max roll diameter allowed: 26cm – 80Kg | 60cm – 200Kg with Heavy Duty accessory (optional)

Some Add-Ons

There are some add-on options with FOTOBA XLD 170 WP. And these include automatic inline rewinding solutions for nonstop production and a motorized roll feeder.

So, why wait? 

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