Vacuum Forming Machines

To make your business stand out from the crowd, you need appealing marketing assets! And Formech helps you get huge and precise molds through their avant-garde vacuum forming machines!

Desktop Series →

The perfect way to initially approach vacuum forming. It comes with an integrated, quiet vacuum pumpmold release, energy-efficient quartz heaterssafety interlock, and a digital timer. You can make models of your choice.

Floor Standings →

A step-up from the desktop models, the floor-standing machines come with auto-level and pre-stretch features, allowing for more control over the thermoforming process. A perfect tool for proofing design concepts, prototyping, and small-scale production.

Large Format →

Combining greater forming areas with semi-automatic operation capabilities, this series offers operational versatility for demanding applications. Get the operator full control over the settings, enabling real-time adjustments during the forming process.  

Fully Automatic →

Get Maximum ROI with Formech’s automatic range. Designed to handle the most demanding applications. Formech HD and TF Series feature Formech Cycle View and allow the users to adjust parameters in real-time without interrupting the current cycle.

Discover a New Age Of Signage and graphics

Let your imagination run free, create any shapes, treats and packaging and bring your tastiest ideas to life. Discover cost-effective and flexible vacuum forming solutions that would serve almost all industries in signage and visual graphics.

Not Sure Which Vacuum forming machine is right for you?