Give Life to Your POP Displays with Thermoforming Applications

You must have heard of POP (point of purchase) Displays before. These are the printed or digital displays that are placed near advertised items. POP displays emphasize completely on a customer’s in-store experience by bringing their top attention to particular offers or brands. POP Displays can be seen in different forms such as in vendor shops, dump bins, banner stands, and more. 

Digitally printing and digital moulds make economical thermoformed articles; turn your display graphics, signage and more from boring 2D printed to eye catching and head turning digitally printed and thermoformed articles. It is Faster, Cheaper and engages more viewers in this clutter 2D graphics. Enjoy the freedom to create complex forms, internally illuminated objects. Start personalizing and localizing objects incorporating thermoformed articles in your 2D print campaigns.

 Let us understand in this blog how you can make POP displays more appealing and excellent in look with the help of the thermoforming process. The making of POP displays is not just the work of a single machine but involves three different pieces of equipment. 

Let’s dive into the process of making attractive and lively POP displays. 

Massivit 3D

With the help of efficacious 3D printers like Massivit 3D, we can get flexible designs and can make strong as well as lightly weighted parts. With Massivit 3D, the short-run molds for thermoforming are made possible. The printer has become a proven method of gaining huge profits in a shorter duration of time.

Thermoforming needs to be implemented when you need multiple copies of the same product. What you all have to do is to take a mold and then place it on the thermoplastic sheet on the top position. Add heat as well as a vacuum. This is how the sheet will take the form of the mold. 3D printed molds are simple to customize and hence it is the primary reason behind their increasing popularity. You can easily design several graphics to adapt the mold. With one mold you can create several digitally printed variations.

3D Printers offer the fastest design and help to minimize the processing time. Massivit 3D has become the most cost-effective and efficient solution for 3D printing molds.  

In the retailer business, the requirements and promotions have been consistently changing and new products are introduced on a daily basis. Hence, the SPEED matters the most for the retailing industry and this is where MASSIVIT 3D comes to the rescue. With this advanced technology printer, retailers can design anything their customers wish for in a faster method that they never ever have imagined!

A traditional mold is very expensive, making short run thermoforming jobs cost-prohibitive. A traditional mold also takes about a month to manufacture. A 3D-printed mold is a fraction of the cost and takes a fraction of the time to produce. Watch how fast and easy you can transform a 2D billboard to eye-catching 3D with 3D-printed molds for thermoforming.

Another benefit of 3D printing is the ability to create complex designs. Create logos, characters, mascots. . .you name it. Massivit 3D makes it possible. 

Print any graphics on the plastic sheets or vinyl yourself. If you don’t have a thermoforming machine, send the sheets out for thermoforming with your 3D-printed mold. 

Being able to 3D print short run molds for thermoforming can bring in more business and new business once the word is out that you can create dozens of displays with 3D printing. The next time you are asked to create a short run of displays (or vehicle wraps, signs, props, etc.), say, “YES!” and turn to Massivit 3D

Customized 3D Printing Mannequins

For every fashion store, patriating the brand and highlighting their products is crucial and this is done with mannequins. Though manufacturing mannequins is a time consuming –task, 3D Printing changes the way. MASSIVIT 3D technology has the potential to reduce the 6 months process of mannequins manufacturing into mere 6 days!

3D Printing helps retail clients appeal customers into stores through its captivating 3D Window displays. This will keep the customers inside while engaging them with outstanding in-store displays. So, with Massivit 3D you can easily change the props, displays, and mannequins regularly that will keep your shop attractive all time for the customers.

The topmost industries where 3D Printing is widely used includes-

EFI H1625-SD

With EFI H1625-SD, it is possible to print a design and graphics precisely. We can directly print on the substrate before forming the process. This helps in eliminating the processing time and the additional cost. The printer has the best-class drawing feature that supports extension up to 6 inches and helps in printing high-quality graphics. 

In this way, the direct print thermoforming becomes so much easier. EFI H1625-SD produces excellent thermoforming applications in a super fast and super efficient method. EFI H1625-SD assures thermoforming signage decoration in fewer steps offering an economical printing solution. 

EFI SuperDraw UV Inks are ideal for high- elongation thermoforming applications, such as outdoor signage, POP signs and displays, day/night backlit signs, promotional products, beverage lights and signs, vending and gaming panels, and much more. Super elongation characteristics, excellent adhesion and consistent post-draw opacity for thermoforming applications on various plastics, including PETG, acrylic, polycarbonate, polystyrene, PVC and more.


Lastly, the mold and the 3D printed graphic undergo the thermoforming process with the help of Formech. Formech is a vacuum forming machine that offers high performance and is fully automatic. It has a large format that is specifically designed for point-of-sale film and theatre set design aerospace applications as well as automatic application.

In the process of thermoforming, the mold is first placed inside the machine and a sheet is placed on the top of the mould at some height. Then, the machine creates a vacuum on the sheet which is of the same shape and size as that of the mold. This way, an appealing and flawless POP Display is created that feels real! 

Arrow Digital Pvt Ltd possesses all these three cutting-edge machines in -house and has been a trustworthy supplier of astounding digital printing solutions in the Indian market. Arrow has been the market leader in offering effective solutions in the digital space while consistently taking digital printing to greater heights through its wide variety of materials as well as equipment.

With the Combination of Massivit, EFI H1625-SD and Formech you can take Display Graphics and signage to the next level. Use Efi TF inks and coatings for outdoor warranties with thermoformed objects. Help high-end brands and companies showcase their products in ground-breaking and eye catching ways. Communicate with customers in an ever evolving retail experience.

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