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Think Green! Think Innovation!

Global warming and increasing carbon footprints have made it imperative to think of greener and environmentally friendly solutions for the betterment of the environment and mankind. Today, many multinational companies and corporations are doing their best and employing their resources to their best to innovate and introduce products that are environmentally friendly and distinct too. It is the responsibility of mankind to think out of the box and use greener methods to stop the vicious loop, link life cycles and foster development. The printing industry is one of the finest and most agile sectors.

Over the years, it has shown considerable development and evolution. It has incorporated newer methods and production techniques to restrict their impact on the environment and contribute their bit for mother nature.

There has been a huge development in the printers and their configuration too. Due to the immense demand for green and advanced printers. Many organizations are now using their resources to their best to introduce advanced and greener products. They strive to create products that can achieve Greenguard certification which signifies low chemical emissions.

Here are some distinct features of Greenguard Printers:

  1. Performance: Printers power-packed with Green technology does not contain statutory warning and hazard signs. Since there are no pollutants or flammable elements involved these types of printers are eco-friendly and do not produce odour prints. The final output is odourless and is ideal for a multitude of applications.
  2. Certification: The printers enabled with green technology have all the necessary certifications from standard regulatory bodies. These certificates state that the final output is as per the Greenguard guidelines and does not leave any indoor chemical emissions.
  3. Ink Standards: The EFI Genuine inks meet all the requisites of the customers but also have a low effect on the environment as well. They are power-packed with all the necessary features such as resistance to fading, superior output quality, non-hazardous chemicals, fast-drying, non-clogging and much more.
  4. Compatibility: These kinds of Greenguard printers are compatible with all the advanced systems. They can operate with several substrates and cater to various applications. They comply with all the additional safety standards.
  5. Organic Compound: There is growing concern about VOC i.e, volatile organic compound and chemical emissions. Green technology enables printers to not use any harsh chemical-based inks. Today, print buyers and service providers are aware of the negative effect on toxic chemicals and their effect on the indoor air quality as well. Therefore, Greenguard Certified Printers uses the best of organic compounds and greener products for better sustainability.

Correlation between LED and Green Technology

LEDs are considered as one of the vital elements of green technology. They define technological advancement and modernism. Their low power consumption feature along with even distribution of light makes them highly preferable for many products. LED is also widely used in several printers for their cost-effectiveness and environmentally friendly nature. Led improves the overall performance of the printers and enables one to get even the toughest and most complicated job with ease. LED adds more splendour and extravagance to Greenguard Printers. They augment their green quotient and offer several other benefits to the users.

Here are some advantages of LED enabled Printers:

  • Convenient to use
  • Efficacious and reliable
  • Ability to do complex jobs with ease
  • Low environment impact
  • Fast and steady printing
  • A Broader Scope for Printing Applications
  • LED lamps can be switched on and off instantly, so no warmup time required.
  • Consistent Printing

Opt for EFI printers for great finesse, quality output and meticulous performance

EFI printers are one of its kind Greenguard Certified. They are enabled with advanced greener alternatives and features cool cure technology. The exceptional EFI printers are capable of avoiding overheat transmission and ensuring optimum efficacy in their job. One of the greatest advantages of using EFI printers is their low power consumption and energy-saving characteristics.

EFI printers are the next generation printer that helps one to make optimum use of the available resources without affecting the environment. Green technology enables printers to be widely used across the globe because of their low production cost and optimum output. EFI printers are popular for their intricate detailing and precision. These printers ensure meticulous performance and outstanding printing quality.

One of the striking features of EFI printers is its Greenguard standards inks. These inks are eco-friendly and made from environmental conscious chemicals. The VOC emissions of these inks are quite low and are ideal for use in school and healthcare environments. Following are the genuine Green Guard and Green Guard Gold certified inks that are an integral part of EFI Printers:

  • EFI™ VUTEk® HS Pro Series Ultra Ink
  • EFI™ VUTEk® HSr Pro Series Ink
  • EFI™ VUTEk® GS3250lx Series UD XP Ink
  • EFI™ VUTEk® H2000 Pro Series UD Ink
  • EFI™ 3M™ – SuperFlex Ink
  • EFI™ 3M™ – SuperRange Ink

Apart from the final product, one of the striking features and core reasons why EFI printers are given more preference over conventional printers is their power pact environmentally friendly technique and personalized printing capabilities. Embedded with Green Technology EFI printers are perfect for mass printing and production work. Go Green! Go innovative! Think Creative! With the finest and state of the art EFI printers: A Sustainable Alternative for All Your Printing Needs.

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