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Genuine EFI™ Inks and Coatings are custom-formulated for every EFI inkjet printing system. It’s how we ensure you get the highest color quality, durability, performance, reliability consistency and predictable running costs. Add our extensive color range, and you’ve got all the elements you need to reliably produce crisp, vivid images for a wide variety of large format, label and narrow web printing applications. With Genuine EFI Inks and Coatings, you’ll always print with flying colors.

The quality your customers demand. The performance your business needs.

Our line of proprietary products does a lot more than coat. It defends. It shields. It guards. It preserves.

Water-based Reactive Inks for Digital Textile Printing

DTG Ink and Consumables

Take a deep breath with our certified, eco-friendly inks and consumables – and make your production process cleaner and even more cost-efficient.

Unique, innovative ink for high-quality printing on polyester.

Specifically designed to fit industrial systems, and is the perfect match for Kornit HD print technology.

EFI Prographic Inks

EFI - 3M ProGraphics UV LED-applicationj

EFI - 3M ProGraphics UV LED

It can be used for a wide range of flexible applications, including those that need to be stretched or  heated or require the 3M MCS Warranty

EFI ProGraphics UV LED POP ink

EFI ProGraphics UV LED POP ink

It is used for the rigid board and flexible media printing of indoor and outdoor applications

EFI ProGraphics UV LED XA ink​

EFI ProGraphics UV LED Rigid ink

It  provides the best surface mar resistance and is ideal for printing on specialty rigid media, such as lenticular lenses, steel, aluminum, and wood

EFI ProGraphics UV LED Ultra ink​

EFI ProGraphics UV LED Ultra ink

Needed for a highly diverse range of flexible and rigid media applications, such as banners, exterior signage, retail signs, interior architectural design, and those that need the best outdoor weathering performance without lamination

EFI ProGraphics UV LED Rigid ink​image

EFI ProGraphics UV LED XA ink

It is developed with high adhesion properties for printing on an extensive range of rigid and flexible media, including corrugated plastics and other materials with adhesion challenges



Imagine all the super profitable opportunities with high-impact 3D graphics and custom thermoforming jobs.

Graphics printed with EFI SuperDraw UV Inks are ideal for high-elongation thermoforming applications, such as outdoor signage, POP signs and displays, day/night backlit signs, promotional products, beverage lights and signs, vending and gaming panels, and much more.

  • Super elongation characteristics, excellent adhesion, and consistent post-draw opacity for thermoforming applications on various plastics,
    including PETG, acrylic, polycarbonate, polystyrene, PVC, and more.

  • Super resistant to heat forming and stringent finishing, such as die-cutting/routing and sawing, with no chipping, cracking, or loss of adhesion.
  • Super improved release performance from smooth and porous mold materials as well as the forming table.
  • Super compatibility for printing on all brands of corrugated polypropylene with uncompromising adhesion and flexibility

VUTEk GS-TF Thermoforming Ink

Digital UV Ink Optimized for Deep-Draw Thermoforming Applications

EFI VUTEk® GS-TF Ink is a patented, extremely flexible, UV curable digital ink specially formulated for first-surface interior and second-surface exterior/backlit applications where common thermoplastic is specified for deep-draw thermoforming. VUTEk GS-TF Ink exhibits outstanding elongation characteristics while maintaining excellent adhesion and opacity. Additionally, this ink contains ideal characteristics for heat bending and routing of acrylic sheets with no chipping or loss of adhesion.

3M MCS Warranty Inks

3M™ MCS™ Warranty is intended to qualify when complete advertisement graphics created only with 3M materials. The 3M™ MCS™ Warranty guarantees that materials, inks, and printers are combined by providers to offer the best product for their job. 3M™ MCS™ Warranty guarantees that when a 3M product is used under the company’s written recommendations, it will be suitable for graphics and end use.

3M Graphics are backed by the industry’s most comprehensive warranty and support. 3M promises a total graphics solution that provides high impact and message consistency from one application to the next by delivering products and systems that create graphics of unsurpassed consistency, reliability, and durability.

EFI places a strong emphasis on making customers success. As a result of the collaboration between EFI and 3M, the Co-branded ink set helps customers to get eligible and create output covered by a best-in-class warranty, which will give customers a differentiation against the competition.

The EFI Roll to Roll Printers are backed up by 3M™ MCS™ Warranty, which enables Customers to go for endless opportunities.

Traffic Sign Inks

Street smart EFI H1625-RS printer and 3M inks

You need excellent adhesion, color, and retro-reflectivity to meet the highly regulated printing demands of this market. The EFI H1625-RS and 3M inks are designed and tested to work as an optimal system that produces consistent quality and performance, backed by the finest warranties in the industry.
• Meets ASTM requirement of coefficient of retroreflection and color
• Go from printer to processing with no drying time
• Print traffic colors and custom graphic colors simultaneously
• Less solvent waste, less sign and consumable inventory


LED Logo

Print more with LED inks

Specially formulated to offer a wide color gamut and deliver consistent, repeatable results. With the ability to print on thinner, heat-sensitive and speciality substrates, you can offer customers more applications and lower cost material options. Virtually no VOCs make our LED inks a greener printing solution.

  • Extends your range of supported substrates, including lower cost and added-value specialty media
  • Increases uptime and productivity with instant on/off and less maintenance
  • Drives down operating costs with significantly less energy consumption (1.8 kw instead of 10 kw) and fewer consumable parts
  • Improved control over gloss/matte levels
  • Reduces waste with consistent color output and simple operation
  • Satisfies customer requests for a greener print solution with low VOCs, lower power consumption, and less waste and consumables


Canon UVgel technology comprises several specially-developed elements that combine to achieve a process that retains the advantages of prevailing printer technologies, while eliminating many of the compromises.

The key to Canon UVgel technology is the fact that the ink is essentially a gel, developed according to UV curing principles. The simplified stages of the Canon UVgel printing process are as follows:

  • Inside the printheads, Canon UVgel ink is heated and turns from gel into liquid.
  • The temperate controlled platen maintains the substrate at a constant 28℃ temperature regardless of environmental factors.
  • On contact with the media, the liquefied ink drops return immediately to their gel state.
  • In their gel state, the ink droplets are ‘pinned’ instantly to the media, assisted by a partial LED ‘precure’ process.
  • Full LED curing takes place at a later stage, after the image swathe is completely formed and gelled on the media.

Dye Sublimation Inks

Although dye-sublimation technology dates back to the 1950s, it has come a long
way since then. Today’s aqueous-based digital printers turn modern polyester-based fabrics into bold graphics. This transformation happens when microscopic particles of solid ink dyes are heated to the right temperature, changing them into a gas. When applied to the polyester surface, these dyes form a permanent bond by interacting within the subsurface of the fabric. The result is superb color saturation, sharply defined text and graphics, and long-lasting results.

EFI’s special ink formulations contain less water, which means you can use lighter, less-expensive papers. Lighter paper means faster transfer times using less energy. And that will boost your productivity.

Water-Based Pigment Inks

ArrowJet aqueous pigment inks deliver market-leading print quality and outstanding durability while enhancing printhead reliability and extending the life of the printhead.

ArrowJet aqueous pigment inks support excellent image quality on a range of media, while ensuring resistance to damage from rubbing, moisture, and light. It provides competitive gamut and image quality on a range of uncoated papers as well as inkjet treated and inkjet coated media for benchtop, light production printing, and cost-sensitive wide-format applications. ArrowJet inks have been developed for use in indirect food contact applications.

Water-based-technology -for Labels-and-packagings

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