Klieverik Printing Solutions

GFC 81-3400 beltless calender

For some processes you just don’t need a belt.Then there is our beltless calender: our low-cost,high quality fixation situation.

Type                        Drum Diameter

GFC 81-1850          195 mm

GFC 81-2750          195 mm

GFC 81-3400          195 mm

GFC 101-2000        365 mm

GFC 101-2750        365 mm

GFC 101-3500        365 mm

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GTC Belt Calenders

The most versatile concept which offers the possibility to do transfer printing,dye fixation,heat-setting and hot laminating with an optional pressure roller.

Type                                          Drum Diameter

GFC 81-1850/2750/3500          195 mm

GFC 101-1850/2750/3500        365 mm

GFC 111-2000/2750/3500        500 mm

GFC 131-2000/2750/3500        760mm

GFC 141-2000/2750/3500        1070mm

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GTC101-1850 Flowline Calender

Designed for the efficient production of single piece transfer printing,but is also capable to do cut sheet repeats jobs or roll to roll transfer printing.

Type                              Drum Diameter

GFC 81-1850 SP FL          195 mm

GTC 101-1850 SP FL        365 mm

GTC 111-2000 SP FL        500mm

GTC 131-2000 SP FL         760 mm

GTC 141-2000 SP FL        1070mm

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High Volume TC 151 and 171

Our complete range of calenders gives you the perfect choice to suit your production capacity. The equipment can be delivered with jumbo-roll unwinds, scrays for a non-stop production boosting its capacity even further.

Type                                          Drum Diameter

GTC 131-2000/2750/3500         760 mm

GTC 141-2000/2750/3500         1070mm

TC 151-2000/2750/3500            1350mm

TC 171-2000/2750/3500            1800mm

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