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Satisfy The Fast-Changing Packaging Demands With Kongsberg finishing Solution

The packaging market is one of the strongest growing markets in India. According to the Institute of Packaging (IIP), packaging consumption has increased by 200% in the past decades. And India is expected to register a CAGR of approximately 26.7% during the period (2022-2027).

This growth is primarily driven by the Pharmaceuticals, E-commerce, Food beverages industry, and the Agricultural exporting sectors. India is one of the biggest exporters of agricultural commodities. The Indian Brand Equity Foundation has produced a report that says the agricultural commodities exported by India crossed USD 7 Billion last year.

These huge stats indicate increased demands for different packaging formats like corrugated boxes and flexible films. The sudden surge in demand also creates room for expansion in the packaging market, especially after the covid-19 pandemic.

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To fulfill these dynamic, fast-changing packaging demands, packaging manufacturers need to be super-efficient in producing customized solutions and in large quantities.

Every packaging output is incomplete without a perfect finishing solution. In fact, finishing solutions plays a crucial part in fulfilling this growing demand on a larger scale. 

On top of that, every packaging demand might differ from industry to industry in terms of materials, shapes, and sizes. 

For example, the packaging needs of the food & beverages industry may require more shorts and flexible box packs. At the same time, garments and textiles need bigger size corrugated boxes to fit their products. So, fulfilling the various demands of different industries might become a challenging task without a perfect finishing tool. 

The Perfect solution to dominate the packaging industry

Producing high-end packaging jobs with high throughput is not something every machine can do, and high-end jobs require a versatile high-end tool that can deliver faster outputs with precision cutting. 

Introducing you to the Kongsberg digital cutters, a cutting-edge technology that offers state-of-the-art tools for precision cutting and creasing even on corrugated materials. 

The Kongsberg cutting tables offer the raw strength required to process even on most rugged materials at high production speeds without slowing down or compromising finishing quality. It can work with just about any substrate, from thin flexibles to foam, fluted materials, and rigid boards, making it an ultimate solution for the packing industry.

CorruSpeed- For High-Speed Cutting On A Rigid Surface Without Compromising Quality

Packaging boxes are mostly made of rigid material, and cutting rigid surfaces with precision might be a tough job for conventional finishing tools. Moreover, speed is also a major factor in delivering large-scale orders in time, and most finishing tools do not provide a satisfactory up to-the-mark job. But all these problems can be solved with Kongsberg tools. 

Kongsberg’s Corruspeed tools are very efficient and developed explicitly to cut corrugated boards at high speed without oscillating. This tool will give cleaner and more accurate cuts, even on textile materials.

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It delivers the smoothest cut compared to other conventional finishing tools at high-speed. The full machine speed can go up to 100m/min and still offers a die-like finish with no ragged edges. 

Offers flexibility In size

The thickness and rigidity of the material differ in packaging, and to crease surfaces of different thicknesses is next to impossible with a single tool. Most conventional finishing tools may also crack and fail to produce the desired output, but Kongsberg has easily solved this problem with the Crease wheel.

The crease wheel of Kongsberg can crease most corrugated surface thickness. This crease wheel comes in different diameters, 60mm and 150mm. The additional wheel sizes offer flexibility to crease single, double, and triple wall corrugated surfaces with heavy liners without cracking.

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Using tools like this can give solid outputs for various industries that are using boxes of different sizes to fulfill their customer demands. 

This robust system can exert 50 kg or 110 lbs pressure to cut through almost all rigid surfaces and help to increase production outputs. 

Increase production Speed

Speed is the need of this fast-paced world, and to increase the production speed and satisfy the fast-growing needs, you need to accelerate your productivity with automation. 

You can combine the Kongsberg cutting table with The Kongsberg Automate board feeder and stacker to accelerate. It is an easy-to-use palette to palette solution with a stack height of 915 mm and quick automatic load cycles typically designed for rigid packaging surfaces and short-run productions. 

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This feeder and stacker are one of the most advanced automated sheet handling solutions that can address a wide range of materials like folding cartons, single wall corrugated, double-wall corrugated, triple wall corrugated, and display cartons and corrugated plastics.

Under-side camera to reduce Set-up time

It also comes with an optional underside camera that scans the sheets below and automatically locates the sheets’ registration marks, barcodes, and corners. The under-side camera takes away the manual process of checking each sheet and complex calculations of registration marks which reduces the set-up time and material waste.

Multizone Production

No finishing tool can do multitasking jobs, as Kongsberg. 

Its Multi Zone production lets you load two sheets simultaneously without expensive automation add-ons. 

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Operators can prepare the material in one zone while the table processes the material in the other zone, and these automatic changeovers will increase your production outputs.

Exclusive Solution For Folding Carton and Papers

Folding cartons and paper are widely used for food and pharmaceutical packaging, and Kongsberg cutting tables offer various tools to produce jobs on folding cartons and paper. 

The Psaligraphy Knife tool 

This tool can cut fine details in thin materials like paper, folding cartons, vinyl, and flexible plastics. It can perform a wide range of applications like greeting cards, invitation cards, promotional items, folding carton samples, and arts. 

With the knife tool, you can get tools like crease wheels used for micro flutes, folding cartons, and plastic corrugated and ballpoint pen tools used for pen drawing, plotting, and sample marking on as folding cartons, paper, cardboard, and other paper-based materials.

This tool alone is capable of producing innumerable packaging outputs which other existing finishing tools of the market cannot do.


Consumer behaviors have changed rapidly since covid 19 pandemic. They are setting up a new culture of snacking, online shopping, online food ordering, buying more miniature stache/ trial packs, etc. Catering to this change, brands rely on a wide range of packaging applications to satisfy customer demands. 

This increasing demand for a wide range of packaging applications has shaped the packaging industry differently. Manufacturers need to be more flexible and upgrade the conventional machine with more automated tools to fulfill such demands.  

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Kongsberg cutting tools are the perfect addition to automate your packaging business. It completely fits today’s packaging product requirements without compromising on size, versatility, and finishing quality. Moreover, the investment in this tool exactly fits your budget and will give you a 10x return on investment. 

Now, let your business grow with this ultimate multifunctional digital finisher and dominate the packaging industry.

Visit our demo center to get a live demo. 

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