BANOVA® - High-quality light plywood produced from FSC®- certified balsa sheets

BANOVA® are high-quality, ultra-lightweight panels based on balsa wood veneer for structural components, fittings, furniture and display. BANOVA® offers minimal weight with high stability. BANOVA® is also combined with different materials in order to fulfill additional requirements. Therefore, the adaptability of these materials is nearly unlimited. Balsa trees grow in our FSC®-certified plantations (FSC-C019065) in just 5 years and then are processed to lightweight yet sturdy BANOVA® quality-balsa sheet materials.

Product Range

BANOVA® PLUS - Lightweight and high performance

BANOVA® PLUS is the world’s lightest plywood with a core made of balsa from 100% FSC®-certified plantations (FSC-C019065). Its weight reduction of 50-70% in comparison to conventional wood panels is impressive, as is the high thermal insulation and lamination abilities. The panel is refined with a regionally available light hardwood, which provides thin but more resistant high end surfaces. The new product is easy to process and brings high value to the manufacturing chain as well as in the final application.

BANOVA® SUPERFLEX - Extremely flexible bendable plywood

BANOVA® SUPERFLEX is highly flexible bending plywood used for curved components. In conjunction with thin facings, small radius can be created with only one layer of BANOVA® SUPERFLEX, where traditional bending plywood would require two or more layers. Besides being lightweight and environmentally compatible, BANOVA® SUPERFLEX offers the possibility of using existing woodworking tools as well as established connecting and bonding techniques.

Product variants

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The density of BANOVA® is 2 to 3 times lower than that of conventional wood-based panels and therefore it is highly suitable for lightweight and efficient interior fittings and furniture. BANOVA® in combination with other material layers it will fulfill the requirements of various markets:

  • Furniture and interior fittings for vehicles, yachts, and ships
  • Trade fair booth and store construction
  • Architecture and design

Due to easy processing, BANOVA® is suitable for many different applications:

  • Interior paneling
  • Doors and sliding doors
  • Sales counters and cabinets
  • Partitions and pillars
  • Front and body components of furniture
  • Covers and cover panels
  • Floor plates
  • Structural components


Light, strong and flexible; compared to common interior panels, BANOVA® improves the customer value in various aspects:

  • Higher profitability due to lower operating costs and increased weight capacities
  • Easy handling in production and logistics
  • Large-scale components with low weight
  • Easy processing and combination with other materials

Maximum reproducibility of material properties is guaranteed with industrial monitoring and selection of individual veneer layers in terms of density and moisture content as well as with the controlled structural adhesion process.


As a solid wooden material, BANOVA® does not require any special machines or tools and it can easily be processed by all interior outfitters and cabinetmakers. Furthermore, conventional fastening solutions can be used because BANOVA® does not require any inserts or special fasteners. No system change is required for processing and adhesion techniques, therefore BANOVA® offers high weight and cost savings without changeover costs.