EFI VUTEk Pro 30h installed at Arrow Digital Demo Centre in Ahmedabad

One more feather added to the Arrow Digital Demo center in Ahmedabad – The EFI VUTEk Pro 30h. Our State-of-the-art Demo center is always flooded with a wide range of printers to select from. From Hybrids, Roll to Roll, Flatbed to digital finishers – All under one roof. Arrow Demo center brings confidence to the customer and brands helping them choose the right technology for their success.


Mr. Sam Patel, CEO & MD, shared some of his insights at this event, “The EFI VUTEk Pro 30h is a versatile, high-production printer that delivers a stunning range of benefits at a competitive price. It has a combination of impressive features, which makes it stand out in the competition. This 3.2-meter Hybrid LED Production printer brings a whole new meaning to the word “wide.” It prints on various substrates and gives you a wide range of applications, all with superior image quality and environmentally friendly benefits. As a result, EFI Pro 30h broadens your capabilities, versatility, and productivity – all at a very attractive price.”


EFI Pro 30h is ideal for commercial, sign shops, and in-plant printing services looking to start, upgrade or add board and roll-to-roll print jobs to their wide format capabilities. 


This CMYK printer comes standard with two channels of white for those high-value prints. It features UltraDrop Technology 7pL printheads with grayscale printing up to 1200 dpi and a magnetic linear drive for better drop placement, resulting in an excellent color gamut. 


EFI white ink leads the industry in brightness and opacity and can be imaged like any other color, using our multilayer printing with up to five layers in a single pass. Other impressive features are the Dual touchscreen graphical user interface available on the front and back of the printer for ease of operation. The Advanced media-platen vacuum system with six chambers has independent vacuum power controls to hold down and prevent media movement.


This printer is equipped with EFI ProGraphics XA Inks that can be used on corrugated plastics, low energy materials, acrylics, aluminum panels, polycarbonates and many other substrates with adhesion challenges. These inks have been exhaustively tested and optimized for wide-format printing. It has the highest adhesion on both Rigid and Roll to Roll Applications. And are durable and resistant to finger marks and any contusions brought about by handling and stacking of rigid materials. 


The ProGraphics XA ink does not chip during cutting when used on standard acrylic, corrugated plastic, or other fluted polypropylene media. The ink is flexible enough for 180-degree heat-forming applications.

Lastly, “These powerful combinations in one single printer will bring a revolution in the Market and help customers to meet the growing demands for higher quality with quicker turnaround times. Above all, the ability to print on new and unique substrates, including high-value specialty substrates – opens doors to more applications and unique, creative opportunities.”