131.5 in

Max. print width

7,319 ft² (73 boards)/hr

Max. productivity

Up to 1200 dpi




Explore high-speed hybrid flatbed/roll-fed inkjet printers

The EFI™ VUTEk® Q3h series high-speed hybrid flatbed/roll-fed inkjet printers provide the highest-quality imaging and flexible and versatile production-level printing that will change the way you delight your customers with every sign and display application. And they feature the most advanced high-speed automation options we’ve ever offered, which is critical with today’s labor issues and cost-reduction initiatives.

Dive into High-value application capabilities for more profit!

1. Retail Graphics

Produce indoor signage for retail stores and resturants by printing directly to foam board, aluminium, Axcrylic, Styrene and other rigid substrates.

2. Posters

High Value Applications with low production cost, posters can be printed on expensive media or more durable media depending on the duration and location of the installation.

3. Exhibitions & TradeShows

Create backlit graphics, indoor hanging banners rigids and both backdrops with the ability to print on rigid and flexible media

4. Indoor Signage

Produce indoor signage for retail stores and restaurants by printing directly to foam board, aluminum acrylic, styrene and other rigid substrates.

5. Day and Night Backlit Graphics

Use white ink and multilayer printing to produce premium- margine, high Quality backlit graphics that will set you apart.

6. Window, Wall and Floor Graphics

Use Films with adhesive backing to create full-color graphics applied to the inside or outside of window and Vinyl graphics on wall and walkways

Key Features

Versatile hybrid platform

Board, sheet, or roll-to-roll printing on media up to 2 inches thick. Industrial built for multiple-shift operation and 24/7 printing. Maintenance is limited and easy for maximum uptime.

LED technology

Extend your range of supported substrates, increase uptime, reduce operating costs, and move towards more sustainable production with low VOCs, lower energy consumption, and less waste and consumables.

Dynamic screening wizard

Dynamic screening wizard

A unique, optional print algorithm for enhanced color quality and density that does not affect print speed. Allows added color gamut while remaining in four-color mode.

Production level

Production-level printing

Six rows of printheads for productivity up to 7,319 ft² (73 boards) per hour. Embedded continuous print to maximize productivity and advanced automation options

Genuine EFI Inks

Specially formulated to print on rigid and flexible media, GREENGUARD Gold certified EFI VUTEk Q3h Series LED inks offer a wide color gamut and high color vibrancy, accurate spot color, and neutral gray printing, as well as excellent solid colors, fine detail reproduction, and outstanding skin tone rendering.

Media edge guides

The optional media edge guides (MEG) keep warp-prone media flat. They are easy to access and adjust based on media thickness and width.

Brilliant print quality

Four or six colors plus white and multilayer printing. Print quality resembles offset printing, with low pile height, fine details, and smoothness throughout. 7pL droplets produce stunning images up to 1200 dpi.

Clear ink

Clear ink

Optional clear ink can be used to enhance an entire image (full flood) or selected areas (spot) to add extra pop to colors or special effects to graphics. Prints in line with the other colors and provides a hard surface cure with a gloss finish.

Double-sided printing

Double-sided printing

Option that uses individual QR code scanning for image content and position. The three-point pin registration is used for sheeted media. Supports single- and dual-roll double-sided printing on the Production and Super Duty roll-to-roll units.

Media handling and automation options

EFI VUTEk Q3h Series Hybrid Flatbed/Roll-fed LED Printers

The EFI VUTEk Q3h series of high-speed hybrid flatbed/roll-fed inkjet printers will transform customer satisfaction into a sharp competitive edge.

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