The ANYCUT III is a state of the art laser finisher. Designed for the optimal die-cutting of 13" media, the ANYCUT III provides top of the line speeds at an affordable price.With the ability to die-cut, slit, laminate, and remove excess material all in line, the ANYCUT III is sure to speed up your digital finishing processes.

  • Up to 10,000 labels/hour
  • 13.7'' Web Width
  • 150 Watt CO2 Powered Galvano Laser
  • Lamination, Die-Cutting, Slitting, Rewinding, and Matrix Removal
  • Cut Super long Labels (Up to 3.9')
  • Easily cut complex label designs
  • Multiple Cutting Functions
    • Split Cut
    • Full Cut
    • Kiss Cut
    • Perforation
    • Hatching
    • Etching
    • Marking
Dimensions and Weight
Weight2204 lb
Faster output, faster delivery
Interface and Software
Electrical Specifications
Rated Voltage220 V
Power Consumption
Environmental Conditions
Physical Size
Materials & SubstratesPaper, Polypropylene, PET, BOPP, Polycarbonate
Web Width13.7''
Max Roll Diameter15.75''
Media ThicknessMax: 10mm (0.39'')
Active Cutting Area11.8'' x 3.9'
Laser Source150 Watt CO2 Galvano Laser
CoolingWater Cooled