Productive 13
The most economic high-speed digital label finishing machine in full advanced options including laminating and slitting


Laminating Slitting

DB320 is 2.5 times more economic than other similar systems supporting 13" roll label media withfull features of lamination and slitting. Easy operation with intuitive GUI saves time and manpower.


Multi Cuting Head

DB320 is a productive model supporting label size of max. 340mm x 400mm at max. speed of 6m/m.Dual blades accelerate the process with supporting big rolls in max. 45cm. And the cutting speed can be increased by adding cutting head as up to 4pcs.


4 Sensors, 4 Blades Force Control (each blade independent control)

Totally 4 sensors are maintaining accurate registration. Advanced automatic edge adjustment systemin the feeder keeps straight feeding without error along the whole process. Function pad makes the substrate flat during die-cutting. Double-mark sensing makes registration erroras small as 0.1mm. Furthermore, even if the blade angle or life is different due to the environment,they can be cut with the same qualityon every cutting area by setting force of each 4 blade on the machine.

User Friendly

Interface TCP/IP, RS232 USB Memory

TCP/IP is supported as interface tool with RS232. therefore, you can send jobs anywhere to DB320. USB Memory is supported. Generally, about max. ten files can be saved , user doesn't need to run softwareto send cutting jobs.

Special Functions

Split Cut for Long Label

In DB320, complicated die line, such as a star, dashed-line , etc. cutting is possible reliably.Especially, long label cutting is possible by Split cut function. therefore, even if the label length is over 400mm that can be cut at once with DB320, it can be cut in two steps. It is DB320's ownfunction. Generally, the split cut method is used in laser die cutter machine, but DB320 offers 'split cut' function with the great quality.

All Inclusive

DB320 includes most of options as default, like Laminating system with tension break, Slitting system with 4 blades, 2 units die‐cutter, 2 main rewinders, Waste removing system with sponge roller and new removing plate, 15 pcs of spare knives, Safety protection guards for slitting system and nip rollers, Cutting software, Separate switches for blower and matrix removing system, Vacuum system with blower and etc.

  • Laminating roller
    Laminating roller can hold unsupported laminating film only.
  • Mark sensor and cutter
    Sensor detects exact center of 1 or 2 marks for precise registration of die-cut.
  • Automatic edge adjustment
    3 rollers in feeding system moves left and right automatically by edge sensors.
  • Dancing arms for tension
    2 dancing arms are controlling constant tension for each of feeder and rewinder.
  • Touch Control Panel
    Easy & intuitive Interface with allowing access to every function and parameter required
  • Matrix Removal
    Special sponge roller separates the matrix which is rewound on top.
  • Slitting Blades
    Up to 15 units of slitting blades can be installed in 1 cm gap with easy control of depth. Selective slitting (between bars or contacting the bar)
  • USB Memory, TCP/IP port
    USB memory and TCP/IP port for saving time to work
  • Tension Break
    Tension is controllable for all rollers (feeder, 2 rewinders, laminating roller, matrix removal)
Dimensions and Weight
Width90 cm
Length158 cm
Height136 cm
Weight420 Kg
Faster output, faster delivery
Cutting Width310 mm
Cutting Speed6 m / min
Slitting width10~ 330 mm
Slitting speedMax. 60 m per minute
Slitting blades4 pcs (standard) max. 15 pcs
Interface and Software
InterfaceTCP/IP, RS232
Electrical Specifications
Power Supply100 ~ 240 VAC, 1000 W
Power Consumption
Environmental Conditions
Physical Size
Cutting precision±0.5 mm
Slitting precision0.2 mm