Digital Printer for Direct Printing on Fabric
The spectacular COLORS your creativity desires

Master of COLORS and technology

EFI™ Reggiani COLORS: the new, unparalleled textile printer from EFI Reggiani, that will bring your creativity to the world in an explosion of colour!

With up to 12 different colours in a row and 24 printing heads, you can extend your colour gamut and depth, increase penetration and enhance printing quality and uniformity. Plus, the higher reliability and reduced maintenance of EFI Reggiani COLORS will ensure superior productivity with excellent printing results.


  • Quick set up time and superior reliability
  • Reduced purging and maintenance needs
  • Best handling and adhesion for the widest range of substrates
  • Quick and tool-free head alignment
  • More environmental conditions tolerant
  • Easy access to main machine modules
  • Suitable for 24/7 operation
  • One operator can manage multiple machines
  • Multiple customisations available


  • Higher uniformity printing modes
  • Ink usage and speed prediction
  • Head electronics in a fully enclosed protection cap
  • Simplified print carriage layout
  • Innovative and adaptive GUI with advanced queuing features
  • Ink tanks integrated inside the printer
  • 24 printing heads with full variable drop size
  • Ink management: in-line continuous degassing and filtering
  • Printing head crash protective system
  • High-precision transportation belt
  • Automatic substrate width detection, allowing image auto centering and margins set
  • Dynaplast roll compensating step vs continuous movement
  • Adhesion methods: thermoplastic, permanent, resin
  • Embedded magnetic system for adhesive application
  • Ink supply system with 12 lt tanks
  • Belt washing: continuous, switchable and with air blade
  • Integrated environmental sensor
  • Ink system open to certified suppliers
  • Possibility to monitor and export all printing and printer data to an external DB or ERP
  • Software open to main RIP vendors
Print Width180-240-340 cm
Fabric weightfrom 30 to 450 gr/sqm
  • fold
  • small roll winder up to ø 400 mm
  • fold and small roll winder up to ø 400 mm
  • Optional - big roll winder (A frame) up to ø 1,600 mm
  • one industrial chamber
  • Optional - additional industrial chamber
  • small roll unwinder up to ø 400 mm
  • Optional - big roll unwinder (A frame) up to ø 1,600 mm
  • Optional - fold
  • Optional - segmented roller
Print Head24
Drop Sizefrom 4 to 72 pl
Maximum ResolutionDPI up to 2400
Production speedsup to 565 sqm/h
Environmental considerations
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