Soft Signage Printer
Soft signage that fits your needs

Lower total acquisition cost. Fast job turns. More premium-margin capability. It’s soft signage printing for the rest of us.

When you want to offer soft signage but don’t have the higher volumes, floor space, or capex spend to justify a soft signage printer -let alone a dedicated calendar/heat press- you get a soft signage printer that fits your needs. Not the other way around.

The EFI™ VUTEk® FabriVU 340i dye-sublimation printer offers production level speeds, outstanding image quality, and inline fixation capability. It allows you to direct print to fabric and sublimate inline for one-offs that are immediately ready for finishing and shipping.

  • 3.4-meter wide aqueous-based soft signage printer with new EFI platen and extraction technology system that enables product to be sublimated inline
  • Dramatic four-color printing with a wide color gamut and deep color saturation for exceptional fabric display graphics
  • Ultra-high resolution up to 2,400 dpi and four level grayscale printing with 4pL to 18pL drop sizes
  • Production speeds up to 2,691 ft2 (250 m2) per hour
  • Prints direct to fabric with inline fixation for graphics that are immediately ready for finishing and packing
  • Inline sublimation can be turned off and paper transfer can be leveraged if off-line sublimation is available
  • Ideal for the production of flags, banners, backlit displays, and other high-end display graphics, including one-offs
  • Auto printhead cleaning station increases printer uptime
  • Capping station to keep your system up and running
  • Medium viscosity ink, high-resolution printheads, and ink recirculation system for improved ink yield
Print WidthPrints up to 133 in (340 cm) wide
Fabric weightfrom 45 to 450 gr/m2 Paper weight from 57 to 110 gr/m2
Exitstandard roll unwinder/rewinder up to 13.75 in (350 mm) outside diameter
Maximum ResolutionUp to 2,400 dpi
Production speedsup to 5,381 ft2 (500 m2) per hour
Production image quality2,690 ft2 (250 m2) per hour
POP image quality1,776 ft2 (165 m2) per hour
File FormatsAll popular desktop file formats, including PostScript® 3, EPS, TIFF, PDF, and RGB/CMYK
Environmental considerations
Temperature68-75 °F (20-24 °C)
Weight10,582 lbs (4,800 kg)
Printer and dryer dimensions90 in x 242 in x 71 in (230 cm x 615 cm x 180 cm)
Printer electrical3 Phase, 400V, 50Hz, 42kW
Water pressure22 psi (1.5 bar); max. 29 psi (2 bar)
Water volume1.3 gallons (5 liters) per day
Water temperature68-77 °F (20-25 °C)
InksWater-based CMYK-dispersed dye inks
EFI Fiery proServer
EFI Fiery proServer
  • Color management workflow and RIP optimized for VUTEk printers*
  • Advanced yet easy-to-use color tools for CMYK profile creation and quality control
  • EFI ES-2000 spectrophotometer
  • Powerful nesting, step and repeat, scaling, cropping, tiling, and cut marks production tools
  • Fiery® station, including furniture, keyboard, and mouse
  • Two-day on-site Fiery color and workflow implementation services

* Check the latest Fiery proServer specifications and availability for this printer on