Automated Glass Cutting

Fletcher’s carbide cutting wheels are machined from specially formulated micrograin tungsten carbide, a material developed exclusively from Fletcher-Terry.This fine particle carbide composition gives each cutting wheel extraordinary performance strength and resilience.Our formula ensures the cutting properties of our wheels remain consistent, which means superior edge quality for your end glass product.

  • When selecting the proper wheel, Fletcher recommends a four step selection process.
  • Step One: O.D. Selection – Determine the outside diameter of the wheel based on thickness of the glass. Smaller O.D.’s provide for finer adjustment, larger I.D.’s provide extend life.
  • Step Two: I.D. Selection – Determine the inside diameter
  • Step Three: Angle Selection – Determine type of cut either Straight or Shape cutting. Refer to charts below for additional information.
  • Step Four: Wheel Grind – RG (Regular Grind) most versatile grind used for straight and shape cutting; CR (Course Grind) used for tube cutting and for irregular surface cutting; PL (Polished) use for very thin and specialty glass cutting