Automated Glass Cutting

Fletcher’s Matched Component Technology

Fletcher’s pre-assembled metal carbide wheel unit includes one carbide cutting wheel and carbide or steel axle seated in a heavy duty metal clip. Metal wheel units easily slide into the pillar post holder and compresses to the exact dimensions of the wheel slot for an exact fit. When changing wheel units, any accumulated glass chips collected in the pillar post wheel slot are automatically cleared, reducing friction wear.

Fletcher’s metal carbide wheel units are a market exclusive glass cutting product sold into the automated glass cutting market.

Glass Thickness C175
.04"/1mm - .06/1.5mm 124° 120° 114°
.08"/2mm - .09"/2.5mm 128° 124° 120°
.12"/3mm - .16"/4mm - .19"/5mm 140° 134° 128°
.23"/6mm - .32"/8mm 152° 145° 140°
.39"/10mm - .49"/12mm 154° 152° 145°
.63"/16mm - .75"/19mm 160° 154° 152°
.87"/22mm - 1.00"/25mm   160° 154°
1.24"/32mm     154°
  • Features our exclusively-formulated micrograin, tungsten carbide wheels for extraordinary strength and resilience
  • Quick and easy wheel replacement
  • Lightweight construction
  • Superior construction eliminates pillar post slot wear