Mitre Saws - Cutting

Automatic Vertical Mitre Saw Cutting Process

Alfamacchine offers a complete Double Mitre Saw Cutting and Joining Process with up to six process stations including material handling, material gripper system for moving moulding to cutting station, double mitre cutting, movement of cut frame pieces and the process completion with frame joining with its U-500 and U-600 Joining Machinery.

The TA-350 has production output range from 1.000 to 1.500 pieces. Actual customer production rate is dependent on a number of variables, length of moulding at in-feed stage, length of cut, moulding cross section and type of moulding.

  • System Controller - Software Features
    • A password protected software platform with a friendly navigational graphic menu guides the operator through the various steps of programming.
    • During program writing, the operator has to choose the frame type and establish needed dimensions choosing to refer the size to either the outer or the inner frame. If the choice is for the inner frame, the operator has to set the width of the moulding and the machine will automatically calculate the cutting length of each frame piece.
    • Setting the quantity of picture frames, the machine will automatically cut the number of needed pieces. 
    • Continued Mode: execute all pieces of one length first and then automatically execute the pieces of second length, also a third length if it is needed.
    • Alternate Cutting: execute two long and two short lengths each cut cycle to complete (1) one picture frame assembly
    • Sequence Cutting: any particular sequence of lengths decided by the operator
    • Production Cutting List: possibility to store up to 30 lines, with length and quantity of pieces
    • Program Storing Capacity: unlimited, possibility to store/write a new program when the machine is working