Underpinners - Frame Assembly Machines

Semi-Automatic | Pneumatic | Production Underpinner

The U-300P is a bench top, base model for production joining applications where the customer is looking for speed and repeatability of joining the same sized moulding.

The design of the U-300P allows the operator to set up to 3 position stops for V-Nail insertions. The nail head pneumatically moves underneath the fixed frame and the joining cycle is actuated first by the hand lever locating the pre-set V-Nail position and then the V-Nail is inserted by actuating the foot pedal.

For those customers looking a similar type of joining machinery but require flexibility of joining different moulding sizes, refer to our U-300 unit.

Frame Joining Capabilities

Moulding Width (min to max) Moulding Height (min to max) Max Distance Between V-Nails (stroke) Pre-set V-Nail Position Stops V-Nail Sizes V-Nail Channel Capacity
¼” up to 3¼” (6-80mm) ¼” up to 3 ¼” (6-80mm) 5” (125mm) 3 3,5,7,10,12,15 mm (SW-HW-HDF) 220 V-Nails
  • Unique Performance Features
    • Recommended for production joining requirements
    • Features pneumatic loader to eliminate nail jams
    • “Soft Clamping” pneumatic feature for damage free joints
    • Quick-change magnetic pad hold down feature fitting most moulding profiles
    • Operates only with pneumatic air, no electrical hook-up needed
    • Dual actuation functions for V-Nail position and pre-set V-Nail insertion
    • Designed with a unique trouble free piston V-Nail driver block-blade system for years of dependable single and multi-stacking operations
Height20" (356mm)
Width14" (350mm)
Weight78 lbs (36 kg)
Length25" (640mm)
Electrical Specifications
Technical Data