V-Nails - Fasteners

Our Universal V-Nails are used with non AMP/Alfamacchine brand equipment such as Cassese, Pistorious, Unimatic, Gielle, Morso, Brevetti Delta, Taurus, Framers Corner, and others.

AMP Universal brand is manufactured with our Power Twist® pulling power designed to improve the mitre joint quality in framed art or woodworking framing assemblies. The Power Twist® patented design pulls the joint tightly together giving greater performance strength. Manufactured from high quality steel, and applied with a propriety silicon, allows for smooth penetration into the joining material.

V-Nails come in 5, 7, 10, 12 and 15 mm sizes offered in a small convenient package  for use with soft, medium and hardwood materials.

Small Quantity Package Specifications

  • Package holds up to 7,000 V-Nails depending on mm size
  • Packaging made from .024 SBS White Board - 100% Recyclable
  • Master shipping carton houses two product cases
  • Each case contains (10) individual V-Nail boxes
  • Unique Performance Features
    • Highest quality steel used to produce V-Nails
    • Consistent batch to batch manufacturing  maintaining the highest product quality - unlike generic V-Nails or Chinese imports