The wide format market is growing because customers want to make a big impression. And they want to do it fast. Combined with the Fotoba FHS42 PW Cutter, the Pagewide XL8000 lets you make the most of every production minute, finishing any wide format print with vertical and horizontal trimming—right inline.

Keep up with big opportunities with fast, accurate inline finishing

Trim your prints. And your labor costs. This innovative system reads embedded crop marks in the length and width of each print and aligns its cutting blades to deliver highly accurate parallel trimming. With the Fotoba FHS42 PW Cutter, producing full bleed posters, banners, and signage becomes a single-step inline process with minimal operator intervention. As soon as prints come out of the system, they are fully finished and ready for final delivery, which can help position you as a go-to resource for wide format customers with shrinking turnaround times.

Make the most of your media. The Fotoba FHS42 PW Cutter comes equipped with one horizontal and four vertical trimming blades so you can print multiple jobs up on a single sheet without sacrificing inline finishing productivity. You can also simplify your work by standardizing on common media widths.The system’s inline trimming gives you the flexibility to produce any size job without having to stock multiple roll sizes and make frequent roll changes.

Deliver a greater variety of jobs. And ROI The Pagewide XL8000 with the Fotoba FHS42 Cutter makes it easier than ever to meet the growing demand for full bleed wide format prints-vibrant banners, posters and signs can be printed and fully finished in seconds, rather than in minutes or hours. With the Fotoba FHS42 Cutter and the Pagewide XL8000, you can take your wide format business to a new level—one where more automation and faster delivery times equal more profit potential.

Media Input Types for FHS42 PW Cutter

Bond, Matte Coated, Satin, Gloss, Backlit Film, Stoplight Film, Tear Resistant, Adhesive, Banner Fabric/Vinyl, Blueback.

Other inkjet media are possible provided they are within the weight and thickness specifications of the HP Pagewide XL8000

  • Vertical and horizontal cutting
  • 1, 2 or 3 up full bleed finishing
  • Cutting speed synchronized to printing speed
  • Automatic crop mark detection
  • Self-sharpening blades
Cross Cut (X)1 horizontal blade
Process Cut (Y)
  • 2 outside single Y blades
  • 1 inside double cut Y blade (enables 2-up)
Optional1 additional double cut Y blade (enables 3-up)
Minimum Lateral Margin0.5 inches / 12 mm
Minimum Horizontal Margin
  • 0.6 inches / 15mm (lead edge);
  • 2 inches / 50mm (trail edge)
Double Blade Gap.31 inches / 8 mm
Cutting Accuracy +/- 0.04 inches / 1 mm
Media Input Capability
  • 27.6 inches / 700 mm (Minimum)
  • 19.7 feet (single); 13.1 feet (consecutive) / 6 m (single); 4 m (consecutive) (Maximum)
  • 11.7 inches / 297 mm (Minimum)
  • 42 inches / 1067 mm (Maximum)
Weight17 to 50 lb. Bond / 64 to 190 gsm
Media ThicknessUp to 0.02 inches / 0.5 mm
Cutting Accuracy+/- 0.04 inches / 1 mm
Catch Tray
CapacityUp to 100 sheets (based on 170 gsm universal photo paper)
LengthUp to 59 inches / 1500 mm (Maximum)
Printing dimensions98.5 (L) x 65 (W) x 43 (H) inches / 2500 (L) x 1650 (W) x 1100 (H) mm
Weight474 lb. / 215 Kg