Wall Paper Hi Precision Cutting

Special version of the XLD 170 Digital Print Cutter designed to enable a perfect vertical cut.

Ideal for trimming multiple tiles of single images for side by side. It follows the image with an accuracy of 0,06 mm (0,002 in).

The XLD 170 cutters can handle most flexible media up to a maximum thickness of 0,8mm (32ml) including polycarbonate, photo paper, vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl, PVC, film, duratrans, TDF, canvas, laminated or encapsulated prints and much more.

  • Self squaring to the edge of the image (X)
  • True image edge tracking (Y)
  • Automatic scanning of the cut marks
  • Memory channels to store different cut marks, lenghts or combination of both
  • Vertical slicers: single, 8mm double or adjustable double
  • Adjustable cutting lengths and quantities for media conversions
  • All mechanism controlled by stepper motors
  • Self sharpening blade system
  • Max linear speed 18 m/50 ft
  • Accuracy +- 0,06 mm (0.002 in)
Dimensions (cm.)281 x 87 x 110h
Shipping Dimensions (cm.)303 x 103 x 145h
Net Weight250 Kg
Shipping Weight515Kg
Cutting Width
  • 170cm / 67in (Maximum)
  • 28cm / 11in (Minimum)
Media Input Capability
Catch Tray