Fully Automatic X/Y Cutter

The new XLD 320 is made for non-stop industrial production andfollows the prints with our patented systems.

Thanks to the Fotoba Cut Marks generated by the RIP and the True Image Edge Tracking (Fotoba patent pending), the cutting is done with the best accuracy (1mm on both X/Y directions).

The XLD 320 cuts a full roll in 12 minutes! (Test made with 100mt roll of paper (350ft) with prints feeding size of 2mt)

  • Self squaring to the edge of the image (X)
  • Automatic tracking of the image edge (Y)
  • Max linear speed 35 m/min
  • Vertical slicers: single, 8mm double or adjustable double
  • Adjustable cutting lengths and quantities for media conversions
  • Memory channels to store different cut marks
  • All mechanism controlled by stepper motors
  • Automatic scanning of the cut marks
  • Self sharpening blade system
  • Accuracy: X +- 1mm (0.04in) / Y +- 1mm (0.04in)
Dimensions (cm.)430,8 x 100 x 115H
Shipping Dimensions (cm.)465 x 102 x 144Hh
Net Weight450 Kg
Shipping Weight740Kg
Cutting Width
  • 330cm /13in (Maximum)
  • 28cm / 11in (Minimum)
Media Input Capability
Catch Tray