Work station for smaller sizes


If you process small formats in digital printing so thatconveyor belt systems such as ECO or ATAS are not useful,or because your employees prefer to sit instead, thenwe have new solutions for you!


  • You get a designed sewing station with sewing tool.
    • sewing of Keder which is guided from below to the needle (unwinding device under the table).
  • trolley stand
  • great table top 105x60 cm
  • SEG reel holder with direction change and with feeding
  • suspension and supply from below
  • In front of the sewing head there is an integrated "keder" supply for automated cutting below the sewing area, also the Guillotine can be used instead of a cutting blade.
  • The sewing station can also be used for other jobs without needing a long set-up time - just change the working tools.
  • The machine can be ordered with 2x or 3x transport aswell as 1 or 2 needle versions.
  • The Keder is automatically cut during sewing without stop- ATAS principle.
  • Automatic detection of the end of the fabric, automatic locking and automatic thread trimming, and while you are placing the next side, the Keder has already been automatically fed to the needle.
  • It does not get any faster!