Automatic cutting without stop while sewing saves 50% and more time!

Synchromatic _Plus_ Atas NA 200 - 100070

This image shows the sew synchronisation with ATAS. As you can see, even heavy rolls can be unrolled stress-free with or without core. The fi rst dancing system is located between unwinding left and motor-off device in the middle.

A second dancing system provides further stress reduction of fl atpipes between deduction and
positioning. Only this guarantees precise cutting.

How to use the ATAS:

  • just place the material to sew on the conveyor feed easily into the sewing tool e.g. to sew SEG "Keder"
  • start either with the regular pedal or use the longitudinal "kick pedal" for sewing controlled and continuously in any speed for beginners or specialists (easy to insert at the display)
  • machine detects material end and the reverse stitching at the end as well as aut. thread trimming
  • do not forget: ATAS cuts during the sewing process without stop!
  • the SEG Keder will be presented automatically while the conveyor returns the fabric for the next operation
  • no tiny cutting tool in front of the sewing foot. The machine provides an excellent and heavy cutting "guillotine" inside - no changing of blades necessary
  • ATAS works in series with a twin step motor technology driving the SEG "Keder" transport instead of one. This is unique on the market.
  • We sew faster! This is really ultimate!

2 needle double stitch or 1-needle

Chain stitch "Serger"

  • unbeaten and unreached performance in SEG or PVC “Keder” manufacturing with automatic cutting during the sewing process without stop:
    • or how to make a perfect keder.
    • Frames are sold in an existing size. So you need a perfect and precise cutting as well as a sewing procedure which does not change the size needed.
    • It is very important that the unwinding of the "Keder" does not stress the "Keder" - any tension influences the result on sewing.
    • Especially on big rolls - if you cannot manage to prevent stress of the tape between unwinding and sewing, you won’t be successful, even the best sewing head won't help.
    • So we created different unwinding technologies either with or without "dancing systems" - for silicon rubber tapes as well as for PVC - for small 50 m up to 200 m - for rolls with bobbin inside or for the open system without.
    • Some “Keder” glue together, others not. Now we have got a solution for all: ATAS
  • Flexibility - newly developed sewing spring
    • The are different "keder" on the market - you can use different keders as well during the lifetime of the machine.
    • You return the material for the next operation - automatically the keder runs to the needle meanwhile - so you are ready to sew.
    • you program the size of the free corner according to the customer’s wishes or according to the elasticity of the keder.
    • Automatic locking and thread trimming Up to 15 m per minute sewing speed.
    • You can use any kind of SEG or PVC keder.
    • Excellent price-performance ratio
    • High productivity - so we need needle cooling to avoid that the thread is burning!
  • Other jobs you may do with Synchromatic ATAS
    • tape sewing like Velcro tapes
    • binding
    • round keder or flag keder sewing
    • single hemming small for flags or even pole pockets also on PVC
    • double hemming
    • tape unwinding device with 2 dancing systems for unreaches stress-free performance instead of a turning chair.
    • Patented band biasing device
    • Tape guides at the sewing feed
    • Extended sewing heads for all demands
    • 2 Servo motors + 2 step motors for the best result
    • Sewing lights cold and energy saving
    • Wheeled frame for easier cleaning under the sewing machine
    • experience of 70 years in textile processing