Entry Level High Speed Flatbed Printer

The JETRIX KX6U LED-UV is an entry level high speed flatbed printer, delivering high definition print quality of 1440dpi at 28sqm/hr. It combines all the tried and tested technology of the established KX6 with the very latest LED lamps, anti-static system, motion alarm for operator safety and uses the ultra reliable Konica 6pl print head. The printer achieves accurate and precise edge-to-edge printing with strong adhesion to many medias including plastic and metal substrates.

  • Accurate
    True robust flatbed for precise edge to edge printing
  • Quality
    6 picoliter head nozzles provide razor sharp prints and vibrant colours
  • Productivity
    1024 head nozzles delivering speeds of up to 28 m2/hr
  • Smart
    Multi-layering printing at the same time (colour, white, colour etc.)
  • Protection -automatic anti-head crash system protects head from damage
  • Functional ink
    In-built primer for strong adhesion to plastic and metal substrates with varnish ink optional
  • Roll printing
    Maximum 2.2m width optional roll to roll system
  • White ink
    Unique white ink system for printing HD white at normal print speeds (2 printheads)
Head Channel
ConfigurationC, M, Y, K + W + Varnish/ Primer
StandardC, M, Y, K(Single head), White(Double heads)
OptionVarnish or Primer (Single head)
Paper Handling
Print Area
Media SizeRigid media size of 2,400 x 1,220mm and up to 100mm
Print Speed
Print SpeedProduction speeds of up to 28sqm/hr
Roll Media Dimension
Dimensions and Weight
RIP Availability / Compatibility
Electrical Specifications
Environmental Considerations