The Virtu Inks come in 6 colors (CMYK, LC, LM), white, pigmented, UV-hardening, environmentally friendly, solvent-free (VOC-free)

This inks are specially designed and developed for the respective application intended, for instance, to print on glass, mesh, or aluminum composite boards. Beyond that, VIRTU features its own software that processes image files for printing. An essential element of the printing system, this software contributes considerably to the superb print quality and efficiency of VIRTU. In cooperation with ink manufacturers, custom-tailored to the respective application, such as flexible or rigid materials, also can print on glass with excellent adhesion, interior and exterior applications, white as spot color or for sub or top printing.

Virtu Vetro Inks offer perfect adhesion to glass in a very elegant range of colors and precise dot positioning. Technical designs of dots and lines to multiple colored designs preferred by architects with an ingenious color management system set in place.

Reduce waste and overhead costs, get the highest value based on the ink performance and quality. Produces flawless color on the widest color gamut range. Offers you the best value with high profit margins and unbelievable running cost. Reduces down times and increases productivity also increase you Printhead life.