First digital press feeding system for ceramic vertical press.

Double charge without productivity losses.

KERAjet DFpress, includes three Integrated Systems Load:

  • Traditional feeding system with grid for the tile base.
  • Full field System for the application of many different kind of thin layers: coloured powder, flaked powders, etc…, to obtain a double powder loan controlling at any time the application over the different zones, as well as the quantity of powder discharged.
  • Decoration System with up to 10 bars with 12 K9 print-heads each, where we can decorate with solid particles before the press, like grains , dry glaze, coloured powder, etc.

Machinery feeding

  • Hooper feeder for the base powder that feeds the basic floating grid through pneumatic pistons, with a powder level control driven by a 0,75kW motor and completed with 4 level sensors.
  • Powder feeder system for the full-field application with reception tank and powder levels control. This tank purpose is to supply the powder control system that exists in all factories for the basic bodies, that normally its not included on double charge equipment. We can full-field feed the system and to control the existence of material on it. We include two feeding hoppers with level sensors and controlled by pistons, that feed the belt in full-field way, with a format that will depend on what we want to do on the press.
  • Feeding system for the K9 bars with up to 10 small hoppers, driven by pistons and level sensors. Each hopper feeds one K9 bar and the whole system makes a level control with the 0,75kW engine.

Machinery adjustments

  • Distance regulation from the base where the floating grid slides, getting with this system to better quickly adapt to format and mold changes on the press without the need of changing the Press Feeder.
  • Height regulation of the main powder base hopper.
  • Simple and effective height adjustment from all Feeder support legs.
  • Independent height regulation from the frame and the moving feeder, so we can easily and quickly adapt to any kind of mold change without modify the fixing general adjustments of the press feeder.
Printing Specifications
Pressing formatsprepared to 60x60 (2 outputs ) and 45x90 (2 outputs )
The KERAjet DF press can be designed and constructed for any press and format required.
Dimensions and Weight
Width4400 mm approx.
Height2420 mm approx.
Depth2330 mm approx.
Weight3000 Kg approx.
Electrical Specifications
Rated Voltage20 kW
Environmental Conditions