The new generation of digital printing machines. The new benchmark for quality printing.

The technology that guarantees you the perfection.

The new KERAjet S7 integrates the most advanced digital printing technology applied to printing with ceramic pigments, salts, effects, grits, glazes, UVI inks, etc.

Its compact and robust design makes it the ideal machine to be integrated in a production line where thanks to its advanced in electronics and innovative and intuitive software make it the most versatile and complete machine in terms of performance in the market.

The use of different technologies and types of printheads synchronously, achieves unlimited decoration with glazes, colors and dry powders, getting the unique, differentiating and competitive product that the market demands nowaday.

The experience of printing without limitations upto the highest resolution in the market.

The latest evolution in ceramic digital printing technology has a name: KERAjet S7

Its 6 removable modules with independent movement system allow the selective use of them. In this way, the equipment can print with the previously selected modules while the others remain at rest.In this way the printing units in iddle are protected.

Its multihead technology allows the configuration of these modules in up to 12 freely configurable print bars for the application of ink colors, glues, glazes, lustres, metallic inks, matt and gloss effects and even grains.

KERAjet S7 printer, is able to drop ink at levels of speed, accuracy and quality never before imagined, reaching 90 m / min and at a resolution up to 1200 dpi, thanks to its new K12 head.

With all this, the printings reach the highest excellence in the representation of details, nuances and gradations up to levels that defy the visual acuity.

The set is available in three formats:

KERAjet S7 700
(Up to 700 mm. printing width approx.)

KERAjet S7 1400
(Up to 1330 mm. printing width approx.)

KERAjet S7 1700
(Up to 1670 mm. printing width approx.)

Modules working and in iddle simultaneously

  • New distribuited ink control system
  • Up to 12 inks. Quick ink change
  • Continuous system of ink recirculation of exclusive Design
  • Maximum printing stability
  • Frame colour modules with single or UP to fourth movement
  • Module removing control for each frame
  • Automatic purge and cleaning system
  • Ink heating/cooling system with individual temperature control
  • Height barrier safety system for each module frame
  • Robusto moving system by top bridge
  • Exclusive meniscus-differential pressure control
  • On line sampling without production stop
Printing Specifications
Printing SystemPiezo-electric Technology. Drop On Demand (DoD Printing)
Print Head UnitsK4, K6, K8, K9, K11, K12
Upright ResolutionFrom 180 to 1200 dpi
Horizontal ResolutionFrom 254 to 1016 dpi
InksInks, glazes and granillas intended for inkjet decoration (certified by KERAjet)
Drop SizeFrom 10 up to 200 pl
Discharged FrequencyFrom 6 UP to 65 KHz
Printing Speed of BandUp to 90 m/min
Cleaning SystemAutomatic purge and cleaning system
  • Management software: It manages, loads and show the designs, selects the printheads to be used and defines the prining mode: image by image, roller or canvas among other duties.
  • Ripping and colour management software: Colordirect.
  • Accepted image formats: TIFF, PSD.
  • CMYK, Multichannel and RGB image modes.
  • Some stricticly Design oriented tasks can be done, such as "ripping" or tone changes directly at the Production line, generating new files.
Dimensions and Weight
Width4650 mm
Height1500 mm
Depth1520 mm
NetworkEthernet connector 10/100 Base T
Tile thickness46 mm
Electrical Specifications
Rated Voltage23kVA for 700, 35kVA for 1400 and 50kVA for 1700
Rated Frequency400V 3P+N+Earth– 50/60hz
Environmental Conditions
Compressed Air1100 l/min 6 bar pressure for 10 sec. every 30 min. (1,1kW compressor, 200 litre tank)
Temperature25º C a 35º C
Humidity30% UP to 80% (no condensation)
  • Multiple entry kit.
  • Relief detector.
  • Adjustable print units.
  • Cleaning gaps management.
  • Height sensor.