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The new ceramic revolution of the spanish technology. Full control of production line. Shorter and more flexible production lines.

Ceramic decoration, Kerajet goes one step further by using the most advanced technology to fill the entire ceramic production process, automating and making it more practical, efficient, profitable and environmentally friendly .

KERAjet digital line means complete control of the ceramic production line from its beginning in the press up to the firing stage and provides all the endless possibilities of digital printing. Now, KERAjet fully synchronized line, enables not only the ceramic decoration of the tile with pigmented, soluble, glaze effect, or metallic inks, but also provides the ceramic industry all its material value with glaze applications and solid particles.

With a remarkable shortening of the ceramic production lines and the possibility of up to 48 different synchronized applications on the same tile, the KERAjet digital line is nowadays the safest bet again and the only option to get a highly material and aesthetic value ceramic product.


KERAjet visio

Quality control of the entire production line

KERAjet solid K9

5 grains per machine

selective decoration Structures and reliefs Decoration synchronized with other applications Glossy - matte effects special Granillas Serigraphic colors Protections

KERAjet next K4 K6

6 additional applications

Selective decoration Structures and reliefs Decoration synchronized with other applications Gloss - matte effects Fluxes application Metallic inks

KERAjet master K4 K6

12 inks by machine

selective decoration Decoration synchronized with other applications Effects gloss - matt

KERAjet esmalt K8

5 glazes per machine

glaze selective Structures and reliefs Glazing synchronized with decoration Glossy – matte effects Special enamels Serigraphic colors

KERAjet slave is the ideal machine for the digital ceramic production line.

It perfectly complements KERAjet master, its small size and great capabilities are completely comparable to it, making it an essential equipment when producing 100% digital ceramic tiles which combines in the same tile, glossy and matte glazes, coloured granillas, metallic effects, lusters and colours.

As easy as dreaming of it and doing it, KERAjet takes charge of the rest.

The three different kinds of KERAjet slave are

  • KERAjet esmalt
    intended to apply water based glazes.
  • KERAjet solid
    intended to apply solid particles of a
  • KERAjet next
    intended to apply special inks, glossy-matte effects, melting glazes or metallic inks.