Klieverik has been delivering production transfer printing equipment long before digital printing even existed. We manufactured industrial large drum machines with processing speeds up to 10 m/min, with light weight transfer paper printed on high speed roto-gravure printing lines. Today, you can benefit from this depth of industrial expertise.

Klieverik's high-volume TC machines are unique in the market in that they can be electrically heated inside the drum or externally with the use of an external boiler, heated by gas.

The advantage of our pressure-less system is that the drum is always completely filled at all temperatures, ensuring an even temperature distribution over the full cylinder and duration of the production run regardless of line speed. An internal displacer limits the oil volume enabling quick heating up.

Our external boiler option can lower your operating cost significantly and even contribute to an even better temperature consistency of +/- 1º Celsius under all production circumstances. This option may also be advantageous in area's where electricity from the power grid may not be reliable, leading to costly production downtime.

The production lines can be optionally equipped with drive and tension controlled winding and unwinding, edge cutting equipment, accumulators or scray's for uninterrupted production. All of our calenders come standard with:

  • Quick change-over system for transfer paper
  • Heavy duty shafts
  • Driven expander roller
  • Fabric cooling
  • Cooling down and start-up timer
  • 2 unwind positions for slit edge protection paper
  • Options
    • External gas heating
    • Laminating roller
    • Metal foil printing
    • Touch screen
    • Web guiding equipment
    • Chilled cooling rollers and scaffold
    • Accumulator for continuous production
    • Large roll unwind and rewind
    • Pneumatic knives for cutting and trimming