Super-size your margins with large-scale 3D printing!

Bigger: Our new system prints objects with a volume of more than 3 cubic meters!

Faster: Massivit 3D can print objects at an unbeatable speed of 35 cm per hour

Unique: Our 3D printing solution stands in the forefront of technology and is advanced beyond anything else, optimized for graphic arts and visual communications

Profitable: Our system is designed to complete jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible

Applications: Create a wide variety of unique and engaging 3D displays for: Points of Purchase, exhibitions and trade shows, and promotional 3D figures

Printing Technology
Print configuration2 printing elements capable of printing 2 different objects
Print volume1.2 x 1.5 x 1.8m (47 x 59 x 71 inches)
Maximum Object Weight150kg / 330 lbs
ProductivityUp to 35cm/hour on 2-axis Print speed dependant on the object's geometric shape, object size & print mode
Workflow and softwareSoftware on machine: Massivit proprietary front end software
Massivit Smart™ software*
Minimum system requirements: Windows® 7 x64 and later
Network: 10/100 base T connection; Ethernet protocol; LAN - TCP/IP
Features: Scale, rotate, slice, support generation**
Input format: STL
Dimensions and Weight
Length3.1 meters (123 inch)
Width2.2 meters (87 inch)
Height2.8 meters (111 inch)
Weight2000 kg (4410 lbs)