Revolution in 3D printing with MassivIT 3D

Printer: MassivIT 1500

Massivit 3D is a popular name in the 3D printing space and delivers a wide range of 3D printers that are incorporated with cutting-edge fast and large 3D printing technology for taking your business to the next level. Massivit 3D has a large range of 3D printers that leverage top-speed additive manufacturing technology to cater to a wide gamut of industries including entertainment construction, automotive, marine, and visual communications.

Let us see in this blog more about the giant Massivit 3d printers in a single shot!

Massivit 3D Printers- The Giant Ones

Massivit 1500 is an entry level 3D printer that produces a complete scale of prototype models and molds within a short duration of time. However, the patented technology incorporated in this printer delivers a very innovative and variable resolution ability along with the creation of support less structures that ensures economical production. It has a speed of 300mm/sec with its single print head that allows printing 1 object at a time.

Massivit 1800 is the second one on the hit list that prints objects with a massive volume of more than 3 cubic meters while printing objects at an incredible speed of 35 cm/ hour. The 3D printer has a variety of applications including Billboards, 3D logos, 3D Molds for Thermoforming, Innovative Window Displays, Props, Selfie Points, and more. With this printer, 2 objects can be printed simultaneously!

Massivit 1800 Pro is another remarkable product of Massivit 3D that offers great flexibility, control, and high-level performance, It embraces a new mega quality resolution that combines strength as well as quality. Also, with it, operators can set variable resolutions for cost-efficiency. The 3D printer has an impressive speed of 300 mm/sec and has 2 printing heads that allow printing 2 objects at a time with Mega Quality resolution!

In a nutshell, Massivit 3D printers offer unique and most distinctive features while taking a very first step into large-format 3D printing. It is best suited for visual communication and conceptual typing that can be carried out at a very awestruck price and is specifically designed for print production spaces having a limited height. Moreover, the printer helps minimize labor as well as material waste to a great extent.

Excellent Features

Massivit 3D printers can produce lightweight and hollow pieces which can be assembled with large structures to make a display or a model of any size. However, these huge 3D printers are apt for producing audience-engaging POP or POS displays along with illuminated Signage and props. Also, you can make use of it for high endurance molds to get cost-effective thermoforming. These applications have been used in retailing, advertising, events, entertainment well as interior designing markets.

With Massivit 3D printers, you can gain-

  • Supersize printing capacity
  • Unprecedented 3D printing speed
  • Curves and customization
  • Remote operating and monitoring
  • Variable in printing resolutions
  • More than 100 applications

A Complete Geometric Freedom

Massivit printers have been offering the manufacturing platforms complete romantic freedom to their customers. However, this will help you to not only achieve a higher design quality but will also assist in speeding up the iteration faces while reducing the overall cost and time simultaneously. So we can say that Massivit printers come with super sturdy packages with excellent features delivering economical solutions.

Though these printers have gained a notable reputation in the 3D printing domain and it is this reason why Massivit 3D has become a market leader of innovative solutions for the next generation of visual communication.

Down The Line

With Massivit 3D printing, you can expand your business with more than a hundred applications that can serve multiple sectors. However, you can also win more jobs with its marvelous speed and can create giant as well as jaw-dropping displays as well as props you haven’t dreamt of ever.

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