Signage & Display Graphics Industry

The sign and display market is one of the most exciting, profitable, and fastest-growing segments in the printing and packaging industry. Signages are important because it allows businesses to differentiate, brand and exhibit their Products in the Market. 

EFI has a wide range of Products which complement the Sign & Display Market with a wide range of Possibilities. EFI Printers are available in Roll 2 Roll, Flatbed and Hybrid Format, this allows end users to choose from a wide option. 

EFI Produces Printers which create Eye Popping Images, Photo-realistic Quality, Vibrancy, and Versatility without the loss of speed and quality. The sign and display graphics market is one of the most exciting, profitable, and fastest-growing segments in the print and packaging industry. EFI’s latest technologies for sign and display graphics production allow you to print on a wider range of substrates than ever before, with vibrant, photo-realistic images and white ink that makes graphics pop, and at production-level speeds to keep you competitive and profitable. 

The EFI UV LED Printers print with Cold Cure LED Technology which saves on Aircon, allows printing on heat sensitive materials and moreover reduces consumable cost. 

In the market there are various technologies such as Latex, Solvent, Eco Solvent and conventional technology, amongst all of these UV Technology is the Greenest and the Safest to the Environment.

Forms of Display, Graphics & Signage

EFI Opens up various Application possibilities and helps the business grow in various sectors and allows the Printer to produce Profit with each print

Wall Graphics: Wall Graphics is one of the most effective and visible forms of Brand advertising. Applying graphics on the walls is more than just aesthetics, you are engaging your customers to know more about your brand. All graphics can be customized in countless colors, shapes, and designs. It enhances the look of the area and inspires and motivates the viewers. 


Exhibition Graphics: The quality of your custom exhibition graphics plays a vital role in the finished look of your stand. Custom-made sit attractively within your chosen custom exhibition stand. The benefit of eye-catching exhibition signage goes beyond increasing the amount of potential visitors to your stand.

Billboard Graphics: Billboard advertising is the process of expanding a large-scale print advertisement to market a company, brand, product, service, or campaign. Billboards are typically placed in high traffic areas, such as along highways and in cities, so they’re seen by the highest number of drivers and pedestrians. Billboard advertising is effective for building brand awareness and broadcasting your business to as many people as possible


Outdoor Graphics: Businesses use outdoor signage to register their brands in the conscious and subconscious minds of the people. People are exposed to brand logos and related images multiple times a day. They can easily register that image in their mind and will remember it while they are making future purchases.

Indoor Graphics: A smart indoor signage not only can add character to space by highlighting the philosophy and aesthetics of each brand, but also can guide the consumer, in order to enhance sales. A notable, inscription or a complete building wrapping sends direct messages to the public, which are your potential customers … Do not let them pass you by, it’s time to become gregarious!


Importance of Display, Graphics & Signage:

  • Enhances Communication
  • Cost-Efficient Marketing
  • Reflection of Business Quality
  • Competitive Edge
  • Impulse Sales
  • Builds Brand Awareness
  • Entice Customers
  • Recognition of Brand  

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