Soft Signage Could be your Biggest Opportunity for Hard Profits

If you have been running to earn a hard profit in your printing business but have been unable to do it then now is the time to get relaxed. Because EFI has launched its prominent digital printer series which would resolve all your concerns regarding high quality printing. 

Let us understand the top EFI top soft Signage printers that can help you elevate your printing business. 

It is one of the leading beltless printers that prints on paper for transfer with 4 double heads. The printer offers excellent colors and can manage 3000 l/m paper roll due to its outstanding mechanical structure. It offers a broad range of advantages that include low maintenance cost, easy to use, multiple customizations available and one operator for managing multiple machines.

This printer has its wide applications in fashion, outdoor, automotive, home textile, sportswear, signage, and more. 

Best features at a glance

  • Printing width from 185 to 340 cm
  • All in one: ink system, electrical cabinet, dryer 
  • Small footprint
  • Embedded color feeding 
  • Self cleaning 
  • Software open to main RIP vendors


This digital soft Signage Printer has been developed for those businesses who want to transform the display graphics market with their excellent image quality printed directly to fabric paper. However EFI Color 340 has the huge potential to print on a broad range of materials as compared to other digital fabric printers. It can print on both sides of the material. Let us have a quick look at its most outside features.

  • Powerful production tools for nesting, step and repeat, scaling, cropping, barcode creation, and tiling 
  • Advanced ICC color management for proofing-grade reliable color using Fiery Edge™ profiling technology 
  • Built-in spot color libraries and sophisticated spot color handling
  • Prints up to 134 in (340 cm) wide and Fabric weight from 30 to 450 gr/m2

This Printer can be widely used for different applications such as backdrops, hanging banners, short term promotional tents, table throws and more. 


EFI POWER 340 digital Soft signage printer is all set for extreme Signage businesses huge desirous to bring notable change in the display graphics space. The printer prints on both sides of the material and has a huge advantage when it comes to capacity and speed. 

  • 3.4-meter wide aqueous-based soft signage printers
  • Available in 16 and 32 print head configurations
  • Dramatic four-color printing with a wide color gamut and high uniformity print modes for rich, deep color saturation
  • Ultra-high resolution with four level grayscale printing with 4 pL to 18 pL drop sizes
  • Prints up to 134 in (340 cm) wide 
  • Fabric weight from 30 to 450 gr/m2

This printer can be widely used including applications such as backdrops, wall murals, stretch fabric exhibit graphics, National flags, retail fixtures, promotional flags and banners, short-term promotional tents, table throws, hanging banners, and much more. 

So if you have been thinking to perform something outstanding in the Digital Printing field, then these EFI reggiani soft Signage printers will give you an extreme efficiency on fabric as well as on paper. 

Soft signage is defined as displaying graphics printed direct or transfer process to textile or fabric media. It encompasses a wide range of print applications which include trade show, event graphics, backlit displays, retail store décor elements, as well as flags and banners. All premium-margin applications.

Soft signage displays retain the drape and soft hand for a higher-end look and feel. It  can be washed and dried without wrinkling, even folded without leaving marks and used again and again. It is light in weight, which reduces shipping costs and makes installation easier above all this it’s environmentally friendly.

 It’s everything customers are willing to pay a premium-price for.

Get those from Arrow Digital Pvt. Ltd which is the leading supplier of different printing equipment and substrates. 

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